Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Building a Better Casket of Souls, Part 4

For those of you familiar with some of my articles on Bell of Lost Souls, you'll know that I occasionally have an article titled "Building a Better" where I try and improve on one of GW's existing sculpts. This is part 4 of my take on the Casket of Souls.

Since my last update I have finished work on the Casket itself for the most part. I still have to decide if I want to put verdigris on the gold like I have done for the rest of my army. I am kind of torn on this and will probably end up adding a bit before I am 100% done, but I'll tone it down a bit since this is a revered artifact for them.

I am really happy how this is turning out so far. I have had this model since right after the new Tomb King army book came out in 2011 and have been putting it off because I knew it would take so much time dedicated solely to it to finish. In the end the delay in painting turned out to be a good thing though since it led to me coming up with the ghost skull idea.

My painting skills have also undoubtably improved since then. Looking at the model almost complete it makes me feel even more strongly that I need to add some bugs or something on the edges of the base to help balance the dark colors.

There are also a few areas where I still need to add some glow effects coming off of the skulls but I figured I would wait until all of the crew are in place to do that.

Once everything is done and I have sealed it with some matte varnish I plan on adding some gloss and blood effects to the blood and the skull containing it.

Now that I am done with the Casket I have started on its crew. I decided to leave the priest for last since I want to paint him the most. This will help motivate me to get the two Guards done so I can work on the priest as a reward. So far all I have done is the bone, next is the gold followed by the wrappings, which are the most time consuming.

On the priest I went and started painting certain areas on it with black. I did this since the colors I will be using in these areas will be darker and I wanted a more sinister look for them. These areas also have a lot of nooks and crannies which will no be nice and dark if I can't reach them later while painting.

Hopefully I will have this done within a week or two and can move onto my next project.

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