Commission Info

Commission Prices

Still feel free to reach out to me, but it will be awhile before I can take on anything new.

The following is a basic outline for my commission prices. Everything is negotiable, for example if you want more or less detail work done the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Any conversion work is extra based upon the difficulty of the job. Please tell me the state of the models upon contacting me (assembled, primed, still in box, etc.) If the models are not supplied then the cost of the model will be added into the total as I will have to purchase it myself.

I cannot do full army commissions at the moment and prefer to get larger commissions in groups of 1 or 2 units at a time.

Please email all enquires to

High End Table Top Quality

-Infantry sized model - $45 per model
-Larger Infantry Model (Terminator, Ogryn, etc) - $65 per model
-Character Model - $75 
-Larger Character Model (Terminator, mounted, etc.) - $100 per model
-Warhammer War Machine/40K Weapons Team - $120 per model
-Tank/Warhammer Monster - $200+ (depends on level of detail)
-Massive/Anything Larger - $300+

Display Quality

-28 mm Model $250+
-Mounted 28 mm Model (also Primarchs due to their often elaborate display bases) $400+
-28 mm Monster/Dreadnought/Large Model $750+