Thursday, August 7, 2014

PAINTING: Lysander

Today's model is a Lysander I painted for a client about a year ago. This was the first finecast Lysander I had painted and it was a bit fiddly. 

When I was approached to do this model I had a little bit of knowledge on how to paint him since I had painted a Lysander back when the model was originally released.

I had painted the yellow using a technique I had found online where the main color was actually Bronzed Flesh with a Yellow Ink wash over top. When the new paints came out a few years ago I decided to tweak this technique using the new Yellow Glaze. This led to the painting guide for Imperial Fists I posted on here awhile ago.

I had swapped out the Bronzed Flesh for a Bone spray paint and the yellow ink for the glaze, but essentially it was the same, you can find the whole breakdown for it here.

Seeing as how he is a center piece for the army and not just a line trooper I took the technique and developed it a bit further. I added in more highlights after the glaze with White Scar and added in some zenithal shading with heavily watered down Dark Flesh.

You can see it best in the picture above. It just required some very watered down paints and one or two more glazes to help blend it all together. The rest of the model was painted in a much more traditional manner. All of the dark areas were given a coat of black before being painted. I decided to paint the shield a bone color, similar to my original model. In these WIP photos you can see that the right shoulder pad is still yellow. About halfway through the client told me he wanted it to be red, which was simple enough. This got the same zenithal shading as the yellow but I used black instead of Dark Flesh. 

This model also gave me a chance to practice my freehand lettering, which is still somewhat of a challenge to me. Although, I have to say I am better at it now then I was a year ago. It's something you just have to keep working at to improve, plus it doesn't help that I have bad hand writing.

I really enjoy painting dark, almost velvet looking red capes and luckily the client liked the look on my older model so I got to do it again here. It's painted with a base of Khorne Red which was shaded by mixing in black and highlighted by mixing in Ushabti Bone. I shaded it so dark that the Khorne Red is almost the second or third lightest color stage in it.

There is also a freehand black Imperial Fist symbol on his red shoulder pad, which is outlined in gold. Unfortunately it looks like I forgot to get a good picture of it. Having painted this model with both the metal version and the finecast one, I would without a doubt say I preferred the metal one. The details were much crisper and better defined, where as on the finecast one some of the finer details had a weird ultra crispness to them that actually did more harm than good. It made the model feel almost delicate when he should feel hulking in his terminator armor.

I really enjoy painting Imperial Fists though and I hope to work on some more in the future. With the glaze technique it really cuts the working time in half and still looks just as good.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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