Thursday, April 12, 2012

Imperial Fist Painting Guide

Hey everyone, as I promised here is the Imperial Fist I painted up using the new paints.

I started by priming him with the Army Painter Bone Color Spray, but you could do the same by priming him white then painting him Bleached Bone. I then went in and painted in the lines between his armor with Devlan Mud. After quickly tidying it up with some Bone again I added the first highlight which was a 50/50 mix of Bone and White.
I then did a final highlight of pure Skull White on the edges.
If you stop at this point its a good guide on how to paint Deathwing, but alas, we are not. I followed this up by giving the whole model a glaze of Lamenter's Yellow.
Ta-Dah! Quick and good looking Yellow armor. Later on in the painting process I decided he was a little to mustard for my tastes and gave him a second glaze. If I were to do this again I would do it all at once. Another change I would make would be to add another highlight of White in key areas between the glazes. Anyway, here's the finished model.

The red was based with Mecharite Red followed by a layer of Blood Red. This was washed with Devlan Mud and touched up again with Blood Red. This was highlighted by adding Vomit Brown into the red. I did 3 highlights ending with almost pure Vomit Brown.

The metal is Boltgun washed with Devlan. This was given a drybrush of Chainmail and a line highlight of Mithril Silver.

The black is Chaos Black given a single highlight of Fortress Grey.

The eyes were painted Ceramite White, making sure to leave a line of Devlan mud between it and the yellow. I then glazed this with Bloodletter Red and also used it to add a glow around the lenses. You have to be careful here as the glaze is pretty strong and stains very quickly. I then added in some more White to the middle of the lenses and give it a quick glaze.

The base was done the same way as the last guy. I was going for a very basic Table Top standard here so I passed on battle damage, weathering and chapter symbols. All in all this was very quick and easy, even more so if you have the Bone colored spray. Again these new paints are great and are going to open up so many more quick and effective options.

If you have any questions on anything I didn't cover already just let me know in the comments and I'll try and help.

Tyler M.


  1. Wow!
    You did that with the new glazes?
    Imperial Fists and or Marines Malevolent here I come haha!

  2. Perfect use of underpainting and then a glaze to pull it all together and create the chapter. Great work Sir!

    Ron, FTW

  3. Wonder whether there's a vanilla marine version of this....!

  4. can this be done for other chapters - such as ultras or blood angels or salamanders using the other glaze colours. Thanks