Thursday, April 5, 2012

On My Mark, Unleash Hell!

I recently just finished this model up. I have always been a huge fan of Gladiator and had my eye on a nice 55mm sculpt for awhile. That was a bit pricey though, and I'd assume, time consuming. Then I found this guy!
Hes made by Warlord Games and hes slightly smaller then 28mm. It's a beautiful sculpt and I really like that it included his dog. This is my first venture into historical miniatures and I'm glad I got to do it by bringing one of my favorite movie characters to life. Well that's enough talking, here's the finished model.

This guy was a lot of fun to paint and I got to experiment around a bit with basing techniques. I always like to pick at least one aspect of painting to try and push or experiment with on my display models.

As always be sure to vote for him on CMoN here.

Today I also unveiled the new banner for my site which you can see above. Funny note about the banner, the models on the sides go from front to back, 40k, Fantasy, then Reaper. This was a complete accident as I was just looking for a selection of my better models that worked well together on the banner. This coincides with a selection of my models going on display at The Dragon's Lair in Austin, Texas. If you live nearby be sure to take a look.

Tyler Mengel

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  1. Awesome job!
    I love the amount of detail and your paint job is ridiculous as always.
    Also have to say I'm liking the new banner.
    Well done!