Friday, August 24, 2012

Ace of Spades

Hey everyone, I know its been awhile and my lack of painting progress has been bothering me as well. Due to work and being sick I haven't been able to do much besides finish up 5 more of my Tomb Guard (no pictures of these guys, sorry).

I have been working on a long term (much longer then I originally planned) commission, but it is still in the building phase. Right now I am at the point that will involve some heavy conversion and sculpting so have slowed down a bit on it. I have managed to sneak in this quick commission though. It is a pretty interesting sculpt and I was half tempted to make him a wild west version of Gambit from X-Men. The only direction I was given was to give him a dark jacket. With that one and only guideline I decided on a overall dark color scheme.

Since the colors were so dark I decided to add some patterns to the clothes to "liven" them up. The pants got pin stripes and the vest a dot pattern. I also decided to give him stubble and a touch of grey to make him look a little world weary. Unfortunately I could not get he camera to focus better then this.

Tyler M.