Saturday, July 28, 2012

Silver Demon!

Just got back from the Chicago Golden Demons and my Savage Orc Boss took second in the Warhammer single figure category!

Todd Swanson took first place and that same entry won the Slayer Sword. So I feel pretty good about coming in second to the current and 5 time slayer sword winner. Not bad for my first trophy.

My Ultramarine and Astral Claws both made first cut and the Firebelly made the final cut and got an honorable mention.

Thanks for all the support and constructive criticism, here's to hoping next year I can win even more trophies and take the sword!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Off to the Golden Demon...

Hey everyone, I am off to Chicago tomorrow morning for Games Day and the Golden Demon. I JUST finished all the final touches on my entries.

Lets start off with the one I have been sharing progress on, the Savage Orc.

Next a last minute guy I just started painting last week, a Tyranic War Veteran.

I may have been replaying Space Marine recently.

I am also entering my Firebelly, nothing new on him except for a plinth and his base's rim being repainted.

And my last entry is my Astral Claw squad, absolutely nothing new on them so no pictures. 

Wish me luck and be sure to vote for the Tyranic War Veteran on CMoN here.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Waggghhhh Pt 3: The Waggghhhh-ening

So this guy isn't done yet, but close. I am sure I will find (or people on the forums will) a bunch of areas to fix up. I am already frustrated with some of the teeth (not the ones in his mouth) and his hair.