Sunday, July 8, 2012

Waggghhhh Pt 3: The Waggghhhh-ening

So this guy isn't done yet, but close. I am sure I will find (or people on the forums will) a bunch of areas to fix up. I am already frustrated with some of the teeth (not the ones in his mouth) and his hair.

I am toying around with the idea of adding in some white body paint to match his face but I'm worried that might detract from the tattoos already on him. If I do go with more body paint I'm thinking of 3 stripes on his right side somewhere kind of like Khal Drogo's in Game of Thrones.

More soon,

Tyler M.


  1. I think he looks awesome!
    Definitely loving the blood on his axe.

  2. If you do a tattoo. Keep it to the shoulder. Also, you might want to tone down the teeth that are on the straps on his body. Not sure if it's the pictures or if it's that bright.

  3. Its a little of both. They are bright but the picture made them even brighter, but I agree. Repaint them or use some glazes to bring them down?

  4. New visitor to your site and I'm really impressed with your work. This guy is looking great! The question of the stripes is a tricky one. I'm inclined to say leave it it for a model with a less dynamic pose. With the hair flowing in that direction and the leather strap coming over, it might get cluttered looking. Also, I like the way the eye is free to wander out to the weapon as it currently is, as the axe looks awesome.