Saturday, July 28, 2012

Silver Demon!

Just got back from the Chicago Golden Demons and my Savage Orc Boss took second in the Warhammer single figure category!

Todd Swanson took first place and that same entry won the Slayer Sword. So I feel pretty good about coming in second to the current and 5 time slayer sword winner. Not bad for my first trophy.

My Ultramarine and Astral Claws both made first cut and the Firebelly made the final cut and got an honorable mention.

Thanks for all the support and constructive criticism, here's to hoping next year I can win even more trophies and take the sword!


  1. Congrats man!
    You definitely deserve it.

  2. Congrats! A very well done to you sir!

  3. Looks great, you deserved it! The Sword is your next time!

  4. Thanks everyone! This time I am going to try and start working on some of my entries for nect year pretty soon as opposed to a month and a half before the competition.