Thursday, July 23, 2020

Necron Combat Patrol Video and Gallery

As soon as I got my hands on the new Indomitus boxed set I've been feverishly painting Necrons. Now, three weeks later, I finally have a Combat Patrol's worth of the new models done and fully painted!

You may have seen some of my Necrons up on the Warhammer Community site the other day. My original goal was to have a Combat Patrol's worth of models done for that article, but alas, I couldn't finish all of them by the deadline. With a little extra time since then though I've managed to get more done. I finished up the Cryptothralls on Tuesday, and with that I had 25 Power Level, or 500 points exactly of Necrons finished up in my color scheme for the Setrakh dynasty.

I finished the Skorpekh Destroyers first because these models are just too awesome not to paint. It's just such an awesome design for a Necron unit. They can always use a bit more close combat as well. 

Next came the Canoptek Reanimator. It was between this and the Skorpekh Lord, and I figured I already had the Destroyers painted, so let's add a bit more variety into the force. I absolutely love the look of this model. It's so alien, but fits in perfectly with the vibe of the Necrons. I like to think of it as some weird spider/giraffe/camel mechanical hybrid. It also really evokes the tripods from the War of the Worlds. I can just imagine this thing making a weird blaring horn noise like the tripods did in the War of the Worlds movie.

Last, but not least, were the Cryptothralls. I needed 2 more Power Level to hit 25 and these guys fit the bill nicely. It was either them or three more Scarab Swarms, and again, I went with a bit of model diversity. Plus, they go along with the Plasmancer, who's leading my Combat Patrol anyway. They were an interesting painting project since they're pretty simple, but I wanted to tie time into the look of the Plasmancer. At the same time I didn't want them to look to important, so I tried to keep the gold prominent, yet at a minimum at the same time.

Normally I do some 360 degree videos of my models with some music to accompany them, but this time I decided to try something a little different. Instead I look at each unit one by one and talk a bit about the models, my thoughts behind them, and why I painted them the way I did. This isn't a tutorial, that's still coming later in my traditional written format. Let me know if you like this format or if you prefer just seeing the 360 version of the models without my commentary. The colors are a bit off in the video, the still pictures are closer to reality. Hopefully I can improve these videos in the future if people end up liking them.

More Necrons are coming in the future, with the Royal Warden on my painting desk at the moment. I'm really looking forward to a lot of the new kits that have been teased as well. Like I say in the video, I'm excited to give the Silent King a nice shiny, golden cape.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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