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GALLERY: Groic Muzy's Disgustingly Amazing Maggotkin of Nurgle Army

Today I have a special guest article from a super talented hobbyist named Groic (Loic) Muzy with his disgustingly spectacular Maggotkin of Nurgle army! Every model is lovingly converted in some way or another, and then given one of the best paint jobs I've seen. He tells us a bit about his process and how Nurgle got his hooks into him,

Tyler: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got into the hobby?

Groic: I'm French, I'm an illustrator for roleplaying games mainly, I already had the chance to work in the 40k universe. I started the hobby more than twenty years ago. I started with the 3rd edition of 40k around 1999. Years later I moved on to Warhammer Fantasy Battles and other games like Mordheim. I then played other games like Confrontation for a good ten years. I came back to Warhammer a bit before End Times and since then I've been playing AoS.

Tyler: Looking through your Instagram you have a rather impressive selection of minis from across both 40k and AoS. How many different collections/armies do you currently have?

Groic: Currently, I have mainly AoS. Playable I have a big Nurgle army (Maggotkin of Nurgle and Slave to Darkness) and a Disciples of T'zeentch army. Currently in painting, I have a Nighthaunt army and a Sylvaneth army. Like any hobbyist, I have a lot of other projects in parallel; a Kharadron Overlords army of noel, Sons of Behemat, and a lot of other stuff. In 40k, I only have one army left, which is Genestealer Cults. In the last two years, I fell in love with the Warcry game which is the one I collect and play the most now.

Tyler: What drew you to Nurgle as a faction?

Groic: When I picked up Warhammer with End Times, it was a featured faction and I immediately fell in love with The Glottkin. I had already collected a faction for games that I migrated to AoS. It's a faction I'm having a lot of fun with in terms of conversion and painting.

Tyler: Your painting style is rather saturated and crisp, with lots of interesting textures and gradients. Can you tell us a bit about how you developed your style?

Groic: I often say that I claim to have the painting style of Massive Voodoo, especially Roman Lappat. I like to experiment a lot and the nurgle army allows me to practice many different schemes. I like to change color schemes with each unit. My approach to gradients and textures is also influenced by my job as an illustrator. I sometimes apply the same techniques in illustration and miniature painting.

Tyler: A vast majority of your models are converted in some way or another, and rather excellently as well. Can you take us through your process on a model, from conception of the idea through finishing it? Do you plan it all out ahead of time, or develop it as you go?

Groic: Since I'm in the hobby, the part I enjoy the most is making the figures my own by transforming them. I learned sculpting during my studies which helped me to develop this ability. I usually start with the idea of what I want, either I have a specific idea (like Christmas dwarves) and I go find the miniatures I need to develop it, or I have a band that I want to give a particular theme (like a pirate nurgle unit).

Tyler: I actually found your models by stumbling across your excellent Harbinger of Decay in a Google search. How important is it to you to make your models unique?

Groic: I like the idea that my miniatures are really mine as I said above. It's very rare that I keep the miniatures as is (except for the Nighthaunt, which I keep as is). For the Harbinger of Decay for example, I find the existing model a bit old, that's why I converted it with an old chaos warrior and a Cairn Wraith.

Tyler: One of the most impressive things to me about all of your models is that almost every single one has a uniquely sculpted base. Can you talk about the process for this and why it's important to you?

Groic: Yes, I have my own way of making my base with a slight indentation. It's an accident that’s happened when I based my Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniatures for AoS, I found it elegant so I kept it and it became my trademark. As I got tired of cutting plastic discs, I created a mold of the diameter I want in which I carve myself the elements I want (cobblestones or others). Once molded I glue it on the base.

As mentioned above I was trained to sculpt so when I need something that doesn't exist, I make it myself.

Tyler: I really like how you made all of your Feculant Gnarlmaws unique. Can you talk a bit about them?

Groic: Actually, I don't like the Games Workshop model very much, so I already modified the original model and for the others I made them myself from bitz, like the skaven Endless Spells. I made sure that they all have the same base so that they are all playable even in tournaments (even if I don't do tournaments).

Tyler: You also have some great photography skills, including some wonderful scenic backgrounds. Is that something you set out to do from the beginning or something that developed along the way?

Groic: It's something I've developed as I go along. My job means that I know how to play with light and props to make an effect, but in reality my set-up is not extraordinary; my iPhone and an old colored lamp. I use the decorations of my gaming table. I have a lot of them because I love to do terrain.

Tyler: I saw a few shots of your Maggotkin army on the tabletop playing some games. How often are you able to roll some dice with them?

Groic: Since a year and a half ago, I found it easier to find players because I changed city. Then Covid being there, I unfortunately, don't play as much as I would like. Most of the time I play Warcry because it is fast. I really like the latest version of AoS.

Tyler: What are you most looking forward to with the new Maggotkin of Nurgle book?

Groic: Lethality and finally having everything in one book!

Tyler: Any future plans for your Nurgle forces?

Groic: Not much for 2022 because I already have a very large collection. I got my hands on some old Nurgle metal figures that I will integrate into my army. I hope it will be a year where I play them more than I paint them.

Tyler: What else can we look forward to seeing on your instagram going forward?

Groic: After the advent calendar, there will be a lot of Warcry. I bought the red harvest box so the scenery and units should arrive soon. I also have some old nurgle that will arrive, some new conversions, and maybe some independent personal creations.

Tyler: Any final thoughts?

Groic: Thank you for offering me this interview, I'm very honored. Otherwise merry Christmas from papa nurgle.

Thanks again to Groic (Loic) Muzy for taking the time to answer my questions and share his wonderful Nurgle army with us. It's honestly probably one of the best Nurgle armies I've seen out there. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and on Facebook to check out more of his work. There are even more spectacular Nurgle models on there to check out, as well as his Kharadron advent calendar that he's doing right now.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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