Friday, January 22, 2021

Mini of the Year 2020 Winner

The votes are in, and you've chosen from amongst the 10 most popular Minis of the Week from 2020. So who will take home the title of Mini of the Year?

All 10 of these models are fantastic, but there can only be one winner. Well, three, because I'm going to list the third and second place winners as well. After tabulating the votes here are your top three for Mini of the Year.

Third Place

Sister of Battle by In The Middle

I'm really glad this model placed within the top three since I think it definitely deserves it. Sometimes more muted models like this can end up getting overlooked, but in my opinion the limited palette on this really works well. I love how even the skin tone is muted and greyed out, but still has a touch of warmth to it. This feels like something lifted straight out of one of the old black and white 40k pieces of art.

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Second Place

Keeper of Secrets by 2dorks1brush

There's no denying how eye catching this model is. The vibrancy of the colors really pull you in, and the blending between all of theme is superb. Everything is super crisp and smooth, and even the base maintains that simple elegance of Slaanesh. This is a masterful take on a superb sculpt.

First Place

Andria Azurebolt by Elf Guardian

To say this year's competition was close would be an understatement. The first and second place winners were within one vote of each other, but I definitely agree with awarding this model the title of Mini of the Year. Not only are the colors bright and the highlights sharp, but the non-metallic metals are excently done. Besides being a wonderful example of the 'Eavy Metal style, I also really love the base on it. The snow and leaves moving in the direction of her outstretched hand really amplifies the feeling of magic being used, but in a more subtle way. The face and glowing eyes are also superb and draw your gaze right in. All around an excellent paint job!

Well, that's it for 2020! You have decided upon the best model from all of last year, and it's pretty darn cool. Now we have another full year of Minis of the Weeks ahead of us, so prepare yourself for more stunning models every Friday!

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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