Friday, February 8, 2019

Mini of the Year 2018

The votes are in, and you've chosen from amongst the 10 most popular Minis of the Week from 2018. So who will take home the title of Mini of the Year?

All 10 of these models are fantastic, but there can only be one winner. Well, three, because I'm going to list the third and second place winners as well. After tabulating the votes here are your runners up for Mini of the Year.

Third Place

Rotigus by Adam Elford

I really like this conversion by Adam. Not only is it a pretty seamless combination of the two kits with some top level sculpting to help blend them, but the painting is great as well! Everything is so vibrant and rich. It really embodies that GW style to me. You should really check out his whole army, which was featured in January's White Dwarf.

Second Place

Glory of Slaanesh by Karol Rudyk

It's always cool seeing pieces of two dimensional artwork recreated as a model, and Karol really nailed it. It doesn't hurt that the art it's based off is by Adrian Smith, one of my favorite artists to have done work for GW. The attention to detail in both the sculpting and painting is outstanding, as you would expect from a multiple Slayer Sword winner. Truly amazing stuff

Read More About it Here

First Place and Mini of the Year 2017

Skeleton Horde by KAHA

Winning by just one vote, this amazing diorama definitely deserves to be Mini of the Year. Her work is always amazing in its complexity. There's so much going on here, but it's still all very clear and crisp. I think my favorite things about her work are the bases. She always managed to squeeze so much detail into the bases without distracting from the overall piece.

Well, that's it for 2018! You have decided upon the best model from all of last year, and it's pretty darn cool. Now we have another full year of Minis of the Weeks ahead of us, so prepare yourself for more stunning models every Friday!

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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