Monday, July 31, 2017

REVIEW: Shattered Shard by The Immortal Realms

The Immortal Realms was kind enough to send me one of their upcoming Shattered Shards terrain pieces the other day. These things just scream high fantasy to me, and luckily they are extremely easy to put together and paint and look great on the table.

This Shattered Shard is the smallest of the ones they will be producing and comes in three pieces; the top, bottom, and the clear rod. Even though it's the "smallest" Shard you can see that it's still fairly large, easily looming over a Mourngul. It's cast in resin and had zero mold lines on it for me to clean up. They did mention that the final product will be a little more refined than this (this one is a pre-production model), but I honestly didn't find anything wrong with it.

The only thing I did was drill the hole into the base a little more so that the rod went farther down into it. It was a little tall for me and was kind of wobbly. The one improvement I would make would be to make the base slightly larger so that it has a bit more support. At the moment if you knocked it it could fall over. I may end up mounting mine on a larger piece of MDF board to make it more stable.

It was super quick to paint too, taking me only about two hours. I wanted mine to fit in with my Endless Deserts board so of course went with a deserty theme. I primed it Zandri Dust, but if I had the spray can I would have primed it Mournfang Brown. Instead I then painted over all of the rocks with a solid coat of Mournfang Brown. These were then drybrushed with Steel Legion Drab, followed by a lighter drybrush of Karak Stone, focusing more heavily on the points of the rocks. I finished it off with a final super light drybrush of Ushabti Bone. Once the rock was done I glued some sand on and painted it in the same way as my desert bases. It's base coated with Tau Sept Ochre, drybrushed with Screaming Skull, washed with Seraphim Sepia and the drybrushed again with Screaming Skull. The skulls scattered around it were base coated with Ushabti Bone, washed with Seraphim Sepia, and drybrushed with Screaming Skull. 

It really fits right in with the rest of my AoS scenery collection, both the official GW ones as well as the awesome scenery by Garry M and his Terrain Factory line on Twitter. You could easily come up with some quick rules for these, with only flying units being allowed to go on it, otherwise just use it as a regular piece of scenery with the Mysterious Terrain rules. I'll definitely be getting more of these once the Kickstarted for them goes live. They also have some really cool looking Death themed scenery that will fit in alongside the different Shards. There will be two other Shards besides this one too, each larger then the last. The Kickstarter isn't up yet, so until it goes live you can follow The Immortal Realms on Twitter here and check out all of the awesome concept artwork they continue to post.

Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter on these, I will post up something when it goes live.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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