Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Unofficial Tombs Kings Battletome Contest Winner!

A month ago I released the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome for Age of Sigmar, and to celebrate it I launched a competition to win a printed copy of the book. Many entries later and a winner has been chosen. Check out all of the entries, plus the winning army, and enjoy the awesome Tomb Kings hobby!

Runner Ups

In total, I received 10 entries into the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome Contest. Though the following entries didn't win, they were just too cool not to share. So in no particular order, here are the other entries for the contest.

Andy has really nailed the classic Tomb King look here with his army. Not only are the color choices very nice, but these are some solid and iconic unit choices. Settra, chariots, and a Necrosphinx; classic Tomb Kings.

It was really cool to see Bryan theme his Tomb Kings around the Legions of Khahara. Though he said he had already been painting them purple, after reading the Battletome he decided to commit to the tomb-city of the Desert's Spine Mountains. What's really cool was that this Legion was actually based on one of the contributors to the Battletome's personal army, so he was delighted to see someone adopt his color and backstory for their own army.

George went to include Settra, like many of the entrants, but used an old Arkhan the Black model instead. Even though Arkhan is the old model, his chariot is actually a conversion of modern parts and looks pretty cool. The light blue color scheme used across most of the army's colors is also something fairly unique and helps set it apart.

Holy Ushabti! George's army included 12 Ushabti in it, which is just an awesome thing to behold. I would absolutely love to see this army on the tabletop and either play with it, or against it. 

This Tomb Kings force by Nathan contains Apophas, who is a character you don't see often in Age of Sigmar. His force has a very classic look, with the Necrosphinx acting as the centerpiece model with how large and dark it is.

Paolo's entry was very cool, with the bases sticking out to me right away. The whole force is very bright and colorful, which really catches the eye, and the bright sand base just further reinforces that. My favorite part are the bases on the Tomb Guard where he has built up little sand dunes to look like a real desert. Plus, the backdrop he used for his pictures is just too good.

I really liked this Tomb Kings force by Rick for how unique it is. He's taken the ancient empires idea of the Tomb Kings, and added a greek twist to it. Everything is very simple, from the simple round shields, to the understated hero model, but it all works so well. It gives the whole army a very realistic and historical look.

Tristan's Tomb Kings are very dynamic for an undead force. I like how much movement he got out of his skeletons, and the mix of different kits in there blends together quite seamlessly, but adds variety. The bright green of the Ushabti was a great choice as well, and different from the normal dark stone we see for them.

Second Place

Though there is only one winner for this competition, this army was too cool for me to not give it a little recognition on the site. Deke's Tomb Kings are really unique, with those Archers stealing the show. The amount of effort that must have gone in to reposing those skeleton's arms to hold the bows from the High Elves kit is astounding on its own. The bows themselves, wreathed in ethereal fire, work fantastically for a Death army, with that unit bridging the gap between the Tomb Kings aesthetic and the classic Vampire Counts. His Settra is rather unique too, with some older metal horses used to pull his chariot instead of the normal plastic ones. Beyond the cool conversions, the painting is tight too, with a very clean style that looks extremely striking on the table top. I would love to see this army continue expanding, after all, he's going to need more archers to really benefit from their attacks, right? 

First Place

In first place we have Joe Sleboda's Tomb Kings. Joe has been a staple of the Tomb Kings scene for a long time now, and his army definitely doesn't disappoint. Everything is bright and crisp, with very saturated color that really makes them pop. The red and black with the green spot color works wonderfully, with the Necropolis Knights being my favorite. The basing is very Tomb Kings-esque as well, and I'm not sure what the black things poking the ground are on the snakes' bases, but they look awesome. Though they weren't part of the competition, his terrain in the background is absolutely fantastic as well and I'll definitely be "borrowing" some of those ideas in the future for my own table. It was a super tough choice between the two front runners, so congrats on having such awesome armies that you went and made this a really hard choice for me.

Congratulations to Joe on winning the prize of a printed copy of the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome as well as a pack of spell cards for the Lore of the Mortuary Cult. Thank you to everyone else for entering as well, I loved seeing all of the awesome Tomb Kings hobby and I hope everyone else enjoyed seeing it on here as well. 

I have also updated the Battletome PDF today with a slightly modified version. No rules have been changed or anything, but several typos that had slipped through have been fixed, a bookmark table of contents has been added for ease of getting to the page you want quickly, and the text is now searchable as well. I will replace the link on previous posts with this newer version of the Battletome, or you can just click the new link below to update it. This should be the last update until version 2.0 comes out, which will incorporate rules feedback from people playing it out there in the wild. So, remember, if you're using the Unofficial rules in the book in your own games, please let me know how it goes and any suggestions you may have. I have a thread open for that on TGA here.

Download the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome

Remember, Settra does not kneel, Settra Rules!

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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