Monday, September 19, 2016

GALLERY: Stormcast Eternals Prosecutors

These guys have been a long time coming, painting them on and off and then suffering a bit of a setback with some damage, but they are finally done! The Stormcast Eternals Prosecutors are some amazing looking models once they are all done, but man oh man do they take a bit of patience to get painted.

As I'm slowly working my way through my Stormcast army I decided to do my Prosecutors next. The last mini I did was the Castellant which took a long time to do since he was a hero, and before that the Retributors, which took even longer. I wanted to do something I thought would take less time, so I thought, there are only three Prosecutors, how long can that take?

The gold on only takes me about an evening and a half per model, and their armor is fairly plain, so I thought I would breeze through these. Boy was I wrong. I painted the gold using the same method I've used on all of the other Stormcast. You can find the step by step tutorial for that here. I had left the wings off of two of them. I would have left the wings off of all of them, but in my enthusiasm I had glued the first pair on before realizing how hard that would make painting them. The one with the wings glued on had the "backpack" part of it painted at the same time as his armor, but the gold on the actual wings was left alone for right now. The other wings weren't even touched at all since I had primed them with Corax White to make the "feathers" part easier, everything else was primed with Retributor Armor.

I painted the black next since I was afraid of messing up the wings if I painted it later. After that I moved onto the wings themselves. The ones that had been sprayed gold were painted with Ceramite White so I could paint the rest of it in the same manner as the other two. My plan was just to paint them Ulthuan Grey and then wash it with some blue-greys mixed with Lahmian Medium and then do a quick highlight. It didn't go exactly as planned.

I ended up having to go back in extensively with the Ulthuan Grey and tidy up each and every "feather." I also wasn't happy with the blue-grey look so went in with Asuraman Blue and shaded the crevices closest to the top of the wings. I used Ulthuan Grey as a bit of a glaze too to lessen the harshness of the shadows the closer you got to the bottom of the wings. This was all finished up with a highlight of white along all of the sharp edges. I also used it as a glaze along the tips of the quails. This ended up taking way more time then the gold body did for each model, and was a little soul draining to be honest.

Next I moved onto the other random bits of the model. My plan was to originally finish the gold on the wings next, but I was a little drained from the feathers and wanted nothing to do with the wings. I painted the blue Kantor Blue and shaded it with Kantor Blue mixed with Black. This was carefully painted onto the armor panels, and used as more of a wash on the leather straps. This was then highlighted with several layers of Kantor Blue mixed with Screaming Skull.

The parchment is the third largest area of color on the model, but it didn't take much effort. It took a bit of time just due to how large it was, but I was careful with the Agrax Earthshade on it, only painting it exactly where I wanted it to go instead of all over the parchment. The main color is Ushabti Bone, and after the shade and a bit of clean up it was line highlighted with pure white. 

The last four bits before going back to the wings were the hammer heads, hafts, the white, and the crests. These all went really quick, and I tended to knock two of them out a night. On the larger areas I tend to paint it one model at a time before moving onto the next color for all three of them. This helps me stay interested and avoid getting burned out. On these smaller areas of color though I tended to paint all three of them at the same time.

It was finally time to go back to the wings. I had to very carefully basecoat all of the gold parts with Retributor Armor. This was all then painted just like the rest of the gold. It wasn't too bad, but definitely required me to be a lot more aware of what I was doing so I didn't mess up the white part of the wings.

Once they were all done and based I sprayed them with Dullcoat to protect them, this is where disaster struck. I stick my models to the top of an old spray can with sticky tack when I spray them, and the guy at the top, with the hammer raised, fell off and broke. This was outside on my cement patio right near my grass. At first I thought he had just broken along seams, which while annoying, is easily fixed. After I stuck him all back together I notice that his left hammer was missing, snapped along the haft. After searching for a long time outside I had to give up and admit it was gone. Luckily I had a spare Liberator from the AoS Getting Started magazine. I cut his hammer off, trimmed the haft at right angle, primed it, and glued it on. After repainting the hammer in one night along with a few other areas where the paint got scratched he was ready to go again. 

Although they took a lot longer then I thought they would, I really like how they look in the end. The wings are a huge paint, but if you put in the effort and the time it's all worth it. I probably won't be buying more Prosecutors any time soon, but I still have my Knight-Venator and Celestant Prime to paint, so at least two more sets of wings.

Lastly I have my 360º view of the models, this time with brand new music by Lizzie Stephens called Muster of the Eternals. It's a great piece of music and perfectly suited to the Stormcast Eternals! Many thanks to her for allowing me to use this. You can find more of her work and follow her at her website, The Rusty Knight.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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