Monday, July 11, 2016

Season of War Painting Competition!

It's that time of year again, time for another painting competition here at Mengel Miniatures! With the Season of War campaign kicking off it seemed like the perfect opportunity to theme it around Age of Sigmar's newest narrative chapter. This time we also have some pretty spectacular prize support from Ministomp too. So what are you waiting for?

I'm very excited to announce this competition and see all of the creativity out there in the AoS community. I'm keeping this one a little smaller then the Annual competition I do every year around January, but it has some of the biggest prizes yet. This is due to our awesome new sponsorship from Ministomp, where you can get Games Workshop products up to 30% every day. You may have noticed their new banner ad up in the top right corner of the site. 

The competition will have two categories:

- Single Model: This includes any single model that isn't a monster or riding a monster. So basically anything from a single Stormcast or Megaboss to a Free People general mounted on a horse or even an Ogor. Like I said, it's basically anything that's not a Monster. If you are unsure on what a model qualifies as just ask me and I will be happy to clarify it. 

- Unit/Large Model: This includes any group of models or any of the large monsters out there in the Mortal Realms. That includes heroes riding a Monster such as Archaon or a Stardrake.

UPDATE: Here are some questions I have received and my rulings on them.

- Single models riding mounts that are larger then a horse, but smaller then a monster, such as Dracoth riders, Goblins on Giant Spiders, and Ogors on Rhinox are Single Model.

- Demon Prince sized models are Large Model.

Now on to what I'm sure everyone is most interested in, the prizes!

The First Place winner in the Single Model category will win a brand new Nagash!

The First Place winner in the Unit/Large Model category will win a brand new Archaon!

The People's Choice winner will win a brand new Alarielle!

I think you will agree that those are some pretty epic prizes. A big thank you to Ministomp for providing them!

Be sure to carefully read all of the competition rules below and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Rules of the Competition:

- You can only enter one entry into each category, so a total of 2 entries per person is possible.

- You must have painted the model during the time period of the competition. If you have a model already started when this was announced that's okay, you can enter it, as long as you actively painted it during the competition time period as well. Please use common sense for this. If all you have left to do is one highlight it might be best to start a new model to keep with the spirit of the competition.

- Only Games Workshop Warhammer/Age of Sigmar models may be entered. Conversions are allowed, as long as it's keeping with the Age of Sigmar aesthetic and idea.

- All entries must be submitted by the end of the day on August 8th, 2016. You can submit your finished pictures to 

- When you submit your finished pictures there must be at least one picture to prove that you painted it. Please write "Mengel Miniatures Season of War" on a piece of paper or something similar and include it in one of the pictures for proof.

- Although not required, it is highly recommended that you start a painting log of your model on The Grand Alliance Community forums.

- The People's Choice voting will be done on Twitter and Facebook starting on Tuesday, August 9th through Friday, August 12th. The winner will be whoever has the most likes and favorites between the two sites.

- The winners will be announced the following week. There will be a first, second, and third place for each of the categories except for People's Choice, which will only have the one winner.

- First Place in Single Model will win a Nagash model, First Place in Unit/Large Model will win an Archaon model, and the People's Choice winner will win an Alarielle model. It is possible to win multiple prizes. The second and third place winners receive the honor of bragging rights. All of the prizes will be handled by Ministomp. 

I'm looking forward to seeing all of the great entries for this! You can submit your entries whenever they are ready, you do not need to wait until the 8th of August.

Happy painting!

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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