Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PAINTING: Dark Elves

I painted this pair of Dark Elves probably almost a year ago while I taught my painting class at Dragon's Lair in Austin. Each was painted separately over a month or so on either slow class days or in between helping students. Let's take a look at this sinister pair.

I worked on the Corsair first. Dragon's Lair provided whole boxes of free minis for people to paint for the class. Some of these models were damaged items they couldn't sell anymore while a vast majority were models donated by people who no longer wanted them. Luckily for me this meant plenty of old, metal Dark Elves to choose from.

I remember I started this guy on a slow day because I wanted to have a go at painting his cloak. It was more an exercise in color and technique to occupy myself. There were plenty of models that I only painted on section on and then discarded back into the box. Once I got going on the Corsair I was happy enough with him to try and finish. I really like brass armor and feel like I never see it on Dark Elves, even though for me it carries a sinister connotation when done correctly.

Other parts on him were done for demonstration to a student on certain techniques, such as the blood on the swords and the turquoise cloth. That was me showing someone how to blend and use glazes.

I started the Witch Elf later on mostly because I wanted to try and paint her fishnet stockings as translucent. I am pretty happy with how they came out and think I achieved what I set out for.

Her skin was painted with a base of Rakarth Flesh to give her a paler appearance. I also used this as an opportunity to show some people the difference between painting a male and female face as well as how to deal with large flat areas of skin.

One of the things I am happiest with on her is the blood. I decided to coat almost her entire knife and forearm in blood since she is hiding it behind her body. That coupled with the blood splash on the snow hints at something horrible just off the base. I really like how this coupled with her beckoning finger tells a story.

Both of these models are for sale.

You can find the Corsair here.

You can find the Witch here.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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