Thursday, September 4, 2014

PAINTING: Krom Dragongaze

I have been working on this guy on and off for about a week now and it really is a great model. Get ready, winter is coming!

When Stormclaw came out I bought it specifically for the two characters. Luckily I was able to recoup my losses by selling off the rest of the contents, which left me with these two awesome sculpts and a copy of the new rules.

I tried to paint him as closely to the 'Eavy Metal scheme as I could but changed a few key things. First off, I decided to paint the whole cloak red since it shows more depth then black. This thing was a pain to get a smooth finish on, so much flat area on it. I am really happy with it though. It's a much brighter red then I usually paint my capes.

It kind of makes me want to paint up some of those other limited edition plastic Marine models. I still really want the new Terminator Captain, too bad they had to make him part of a package deal. This was also the first time I have painted a wolf pelt in about 13 years. I basically just copied the pattern from the official model and it also helped that I had just watched the GW painting video on Thunderwolves. Those videos are actually very useful and I recommend you watch as many as you can, no matter your skill level. You never know, you may pick up a new trick.

I also darkened the armor down a bit. I know a lot of people don't like the powder blue look the official GW army has, and although I think it's okay, I am a bigger fan of the darker version. Another factor that influenced my choice was the fact that all I had a pot of old Shadow Grey, so Shadow Grey it was. I shaded it by mixing in Tuskagor Flesh (Dark Flesh equivalent) and blending it towards the bottom of all the panels. All of the lines in the armor got a splash of Agrax Earthshade and highlighted it by mixing in Blue Horror. 

The gold was simply Balthasar Gold shaded with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted by mixing in Runefang Steel.

 I painted the frost axe with all old colors, sorry. I used a Regal/Enchanted Blue mix as the base and then blended up through Ice Blue followed by white.

I decided to leave the base plain since I am selling this model and I figured that would give hobbyists a chance to make the base fit in with their own army. I was heavily tempted to do snow though.

I'm half tempted to paint some more members of the Space Wolves but I think I hear the Old World calling my name.

Be sure to vote from this guy on Cool Mini or Not here.

This guy is also for sale so if you interest take a look on eBay over here.

Sadly this may be the last week of having five posts. Next week I start a new job that has really long hours so I will be cutting back to three posts, one on Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. After a few weeks if I feel like I can balance out my life more it may go back to five posts. Be sure to like my page on Facebook as I am more likely to post random in progress shots up there as I'm painting.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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