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Tyler's Tinfoil Hat Time: Globb Glittermaw and Greasus Goldtooth

It's no secret that at the moment the Ogor Mawtribes lack any real special characters. Sure, they have the two Underworlds models, but you can't even buy one of them anymore. While their model line may be lacking, their lore has two prime candidates in the form of Braggoth Varduk and Globb Glittermaw. The second one's name may seem familiar to you if you're a more veteran player; it did to me too, which led me to a debut article style I'm calling; Tyler's Tinfoil Hat Time!

If you read my article on Why You Should Collect and Play Ogor Mawtribes, then you read about these two characters. Personally I think Braggoth Varduk is the prime candidate for a new model down the line. He has more history within AoS, he's the underdog in the lore, and it would be easy for them to just produce a single add-on sprue for the Stonehorn to make him. Another important reason I was considering is that he's more unique to Age of Sigmar. What do I mean by this? Well, let's look at the other character from the Ogor lore, Globb Glittermaw.

Glittermaw is the Overtyrant of the Meatfist tribe, which means he's undisputedly the most powerful Ogor in the Mortal Realms, at least politically. He's described as being particularly large for an Ogor, more akin to a gargant, and as his name suggests, has lots of gold teeth. This description, and his name may sound familiar to veteran Warhammer players, or even those who have been playing Total War: Warhammer. Well, here comes the tinfoil hat theory.

Warhammer: The Old World

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, then you've probably seen the news about GW's upcoming game, The Old World. This game is going to be a return to the square based, rank and flank games of Warhammer of yore. It will also be a return to the World-that-Was, as the name suggests. It seems like the time period it will be set in will be at least a few hundred years prior to what used to be the "current" time period in Warhammer Fantasy. I'm sure this is so they can avoid the events of the End Times and not have to worry about that in that game. I also think it's so they have more of a clean slate narratively, as well as in what models they produce. While there is lore for that time period, it's not as all encompassing as the lore for the "current" time period was. They'll be able to come up with new story arcs, and also new characters. This also means new special characters.

All of the human factions in The Old World will have completely new special characters since they only have mortal lifespans. There are plenty of characters that are immortal or functionally immortal in that setting though that I'm sure we'll see, such as all the Undead, Elves, Dwarves, and half of the Chaos ones. There are other races that are less well defined though, such as the Orcs, and the focus of this article, the Ogres. A quick google search says they can live up to 120 years, but that seems to come from an ancillary roleplaying book, so something that GW could easily retcon.

In old Warhammer the Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms was Greasus Goldtooth, and when he was introduced he was at the height of his power and fairly old. With The Old World set several hundred years before this, what if we see a younger Greasus? One who is on his way to overall rule of the Ogres. This would mean he could also be slightly smaller, and not in need of his moving throne of Gnoblars just yet. I could definitely see GW making a new model for him when they get around to the Ogre Kingdoms, and if they made him in plastic that could lead to some interesting ideas...

Cross System Kits!

We already have model kits that span multiple gaming systems with the demons, and it stands to reason that there will be several model kits that can be used in both Age of Sigmar and The Old World. I personally think this is why we haven't seen range refreshes yet for certain races, like the Seraphon. Wait until the Lizardmen get redone in The Old World and knock them both out at once. I also think this is likely for the Ogors as well. They have a lot of dated kits, but if they're going to get redone for The Old World, then why not just wait until then?

What if they did a similar dual system kit with Greasus Goldtooth and Globb Glittermaw? They're descriptions, and names, are super similar. If it's a younger Greasus for The Old World, then he would be more mobile too, and be walking around on his own like Glittermaw. Now you wouldn't want them to be exactly the same, that would be a bit boring, and you'd want them to be a little more unique to their own settings. Higher fantasy for AoS and lower fantasy for Old World. If it's a plastic kit though you could easily include the extra bits that allow you to build either though. Just use the same basic body, then have unique weapons, heads, and extra bits, such as some Stormcast trophies for Glittermaw for example.

We know that they've been working on The Old World for awhile now, and Glittermaw's name first appeared in the 2nd edition Ogor Mawtribes book. I could definitely see GW playing the long game with this. Either planning the dual kit idea from the get go, or just planting the idea if they decide they want to do it. If they decide not to make a dual kit then Glittermaw could just stay in the lore, or even get killed by Varduk as he takes over.

Whether or not this prediction comes true, I honestly have no clue. I'm just speculating right now, but I could definitely see it happening!

What do you think, will we see a dual plastic kit for Greasus Goldtooth and Globb Glittermaw at some point in the future? What other units or characters do you think could get the dual purpose treatment for AoS and The Old World?

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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