Thursday, December 15, 2022

Warhammer+ Show Ideas: Beyond Animation

We're now into our second year of Warhammer+ and so far we've had several animations, as well as battle reports, lore videos, and painting videos, but I feel like there are some missed opportunities here. While I'm enjoying the animations, I have a few ideas for other shows that could be hosted on the platform.

This isn't a dig on any of the programming that's already on the platform, but I can't help but daydream about the possible other shows they could have. So far it seems like they're focusing mainly on animations outside of the battle reports and painting videos. I'm really enjoying them, but they definitely take a lot of time and resources to make. I think by incorporating a mix of live action, reality, and documentaries they could not only expand into a bunch of new venues, but also ensure a more steady stream of content for Warhammer+. So, what do I have in mind?

1. Contest Shows

This seems like it would be the easiest to produce, and also something I'm honestly surprised doesn't exist already. While the Battle Report show showcases the gaming side of Warhammer, what about the hobby side of it. Picture it, a contest type show about painting. Start with 12 contestants or some number like that, and then do speed painting contests in each episode focused around a specific theme or technique. There can be a panel of judges who decide which contestant goes home at the end of each episode. Louise, Max, Darren, Pete. They have an abundance of talent working for them who are qualified to judge something like this, and also have great personalities for a show as well. You could then have Mr. James Workshop himself, Steve Conlin, as the host. Whittle it down to fewer and fewer contestants with more complex competitions and end it with giving each painter a whole 8 hours to finish a model.

This, but with Warhammer models!

Not only would this be extremely entertaining, it seems like it would be fairly low budget. Another benefit is that it involves the community. Imagine the excitement as hobbyists apply to be a contestant on the show. It also showcases their own models, paints, and a whole other side of their own hobby. I would watch this show, no question. You could even do a version of this about kitbashing and converting, or just make that an episode on the main show. Games Workshop, if you're reading this please make this a reality!

2. Documentaries

I actually read this idea on Twitter awhile ago, and can't recall who originally posted it, so apologies to them. What if GW did an hour and half style documentary following the creation of a model all the way from concept art, through sculpting, to painting by the 'Eavy Metal team, and then even marketing and release? This would be so cool and such a neat look behind the curtain. I understand there could be concerns about other accidental leaks from it, but since they're filming and editing it they would have complete control over this. Now, this may already be in the works, since we know how long they're working on models before they hit the stores. With Warhammer+ being relatively young maybe they started it awhile ago. A model like Angron would be perfect as a big, exciting centerpiece and iconic part of the Warhammer lore.

They could also do other documentary style films, like following the creation of a Codex or Battletome, or more in depth interviews with Black Library authors. Imagine a longer documentary style film about the Horus Heresy and Siege of Terra series. A sit down with all of the authors and editors who have been involved with the series over the past almost 20 years. How it was conceived, developed, etc. It would be amazing. Or what about The Old World game that's coming out soon. It would be fascinating to see a peak behind the curtain on how it was developed. OR, how about a retrospective on the visual development of the Aeldari range with Jes Goodwin? That could easily fill 30 minutes and would be fascinating. So many options.

3. Scripted Live Action

What, like a Space Marine show? No, that would be way to expensive and labor intensive. I admit, this one is a stretch, but what if they did a The Office style show following their fictional creator, James Workshop as he runs the company. I personally think they're wasting the talents of Steve Conlin by only using him around the holidays for short videos. It's a great character and a great play on words for his name. Now just imagine him actually trying to run Games Workshop. You could have actual GW employees pop up as cameos. It would be hilarious.

My last few suggestions are actually not ideas for new shows, but things I would like to see on their current content. First off, more Age of Sigmar please. I'm very happy that we got two episodes of Hammer and Bolter recently set in the Mortal Realms, which by the way, Hammer and Bolter is shaping up to be excellent as the animation improves. We also know a Blacktalon show is coming sometime in 2023, but beyond that I don't think anything else has been announced. There's a ton of potential there.

Clancy Brown

Secondly, I would really love to see them credit the writers and voice actors on their shows. At the moment it seems as though the only people getting credits are the composers and the animation studios. Did you know Clancy Brown did the voice of the titular Exodite in The Exodite? Like THE Clancy Brown? I had no clue until they did an article on it after the show ended on the Warhammer Community site. Clearly they're not trying to hide it since they wrote an article on it themselves, so why not put his name in the credits. What's the point of hiring big name actors to do voice work in your shows when no one knows? That should be something to draw in viewers.

What kind of shows do you want to see on Warhammer+?

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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