Friday, April 19, 2019

Mini of the Week 4-19-19

Welcome back to Mini of the Week, where every Friday I will find a miniature from around the web that exemplifies an aspect of our hobby and share it with you.

Golden Legion by Riccardo Agostini
I'm not always a huge fan of non-metallic metals, but this one is so smooth and rich that it's hard to ignore. I love how vibrant all of the colors are. They're really dialed up to 11 and pop out at you. The color choice is interesting, and I think I would have liked to see a bit more black in there to break up the model, but it all works as is. Everything is smooth and crisp, with some nice, subtle freehand on parts of it. I like the model choice as well. By picking two Agressors to go with the Lieutenant you really get a feeling of their power and size. It both makes them feel larger and more intimidating by being next to a smaller model, and makes the leader feel more important, like he has an honor guard. All in all, these are some pretty nice Marines, with an all over non-metallic metal paint job to really show off the painter's technical talent. 

Be sure to check out more views of it on the Crystal Brush Winners page on Cool Mini or Not!

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Tyler M.

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