Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New Season Colors Painting Competition Winners!

Well the new season is underway and I received a bunch of great entries for this competition, but there can only be a few winners. Find out which teams scored and which were sent to the dugout.

The quality of painting I saw with this competition was pretty astounding, with a lot of people really pushing the smooth blending. I think this is something Blood Bowl encourages since you need so few model, you can really put time into the whole team if you want. I ended up getting nine entries, but in the end there can only be three winners and the People's Choice. So, without further ado, here are the winners of the New Season Colors Painting Competition:

Third Place

Human Catcher by Michael Trent

I really dig the realism of this model. It definitely looks like it could be right out of American Football with the way the colors are divided over the uniform and the stripe running down the pants. On top of that the color choice is absolutely solid and the blending and highlight are crisp and smooth. I also appreciate the inclusion of more diverse skin tones within Blood Bowl. I think the only things that could have improved this guy would be a team logo and numbers and a bit more time spent on the base. The reddish dirt just seems a bit rushed compared to the rest of the model, but that's a really tiny nitpick. Overall I love this guy and look forward to seeing the rest of Michael's team painted to the same standard.

Second Place

Skaven Linerat by Krzysztof Pisarski

The blending on this Skaven is really just top notch. It almost has a cell shaded kind of look to it. There are some really strong color choices too with both the red and the blue being super bright. The skin is also suitably sickly looking for a rat/man hybrid creature. All around a great paint job.

First Place

Black Orc Blocker by Kujo Painting

What can I say about this entry that the picture doesn't do a better job of? The blending and highlights are spot on, the colors are bright and eye catching, and the freehand is crisp yet suitably orcy. Even the skin has a leathery texture to it. The non-metallic metals are really nice as well and manage to stay dark for an orc. The base has a final nice last touch with the puddle. Everything about this mini is great and definitely deserved to win. Congrats Kujo, you get your choice of either the Skaven team or the Dwarf team courtesy of Ministomp!

People's Choice Winner

Black Orc Blocker by Kujo Painting

Kujo managed to win the People's Choice award too with a total of 45 votes across both Twitter and Facebook! Clearly I wasn't the only one who really liked this mini. Congrats, you also won the Death Zone Season 1 book courtesy of Ministomp!

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who entered. Like I said, there were a lot of great entries, in fact, they were so good I'm going to finish off this post with the rest of the entries, enjoy!

Human Catcher by Alasdair Hutchinson
Orc Thrower by Jamie Lewendon

Human Blitzer by Morgan Twomey

Human Blitzer by Octavio Carlo

Human Lineman by Rob Boyce

Black Orc Blocker by Zermati John

Until next time sports fans,

Tyler M.

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