Saturday, July 5, 2014

Necron Tomb Stalker

Hey everyone, today I have finally finished work on a Tomb Stalker commission I have had for a friend. It was a lot of work, but I am pretty happy with it, I'm sure the guardsmen would disagree.

This guy has been a long haul project for me. The amount of work put into assembling it, not even considering the conversion work, was intense. There were quite a few imperfections on it, which might have been minor on any other model, but since this guy depends so much on being smooth they all needed to be fixed. Then I had to fit the ruin to the base, sculpt up the rest of the base, cut the guy in half and then convert his victim. The guardsmen was my favorite part to build, and I am particularly happy with his hands which are sculpted from scratch.

My friend wanted to have a graphite look to his Necrons, which was actually pretty easy since he provided me with some graphite paint to use. I base coated it with Chardon Granite (he wanted a brownish tone to it) and then washed it with the graphite. I then blended back up through Chardon and started mixing in Mithril for the highlights. The red symbols were another request of his which I decided to paint so they look like energy is flowing through them. They do help to break up the model a bit since there is A LOT of flat, open, repetitive space on this guy.

I tried out a digitized look on the area of the Stalker that is phasing through the wall. Its not quite how I envisioned it but I like it none the less.

Well enough talk, here are the pictures.

I really like painting glowing effects, lots of fun :)

I realllly like my poor victim. I painted his clothes with Rakarth Flesh, washed with Agrax Earthshade and then layered with Rakarth Flesh again. I then did 2 layers of highlights by mixing in white. His armor is Castellan Green washed in the crevices with Nuln Oil and highlighted by mixing in Ushabti Bone for 2 layers.

Be sure to vote for it on Cool Mini or Not here.

If you have any questions on it feel free to ask in the comments.

Tyler M.

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