Friday, April 19, 2013

The Death's Heads Part 2

After a few days work I think I am done with the modeling work on my veteran squad. I would like to add more gear to their belts but I don't think I have any spare parts lying around and I don't really want to fork out the extra cash on a bitz site for pouches. 
 These guys were a lot of fun and I want to eventually expand them into a full force but for now they will just be my ally contingent. I didn't want to go over the top with the putty work on them. I wanted them to look tough and capable and not like shambling corpses. I figure they aren't "high" enough to be really blessed with Nurgle's gifts and they would exile any extreme mutations out of their group since they wouldn't be able to keep up. I kept the putty work to boils mostly but also a few abrasions here and there.

I was inspired by Gothmog from Lord of the Rings on the guy above. Just a bunch of tumors on the side of his face but somehow he can still see.

One of the things I had the most fun with were the trophies and gear. Even though they are Nurgle I still like the look of skulls and spikes that you more commonly see on undivided troops. I sculpted a few severed hands on to their belts and some flayed skin on one of their shoulder guards.

My favorite thing are the grenades. I had some left over putty and came up with the idea of making flasks/beakers for them. I am going to paint them as if they are full of virulent liquids which they would throw in the middle of battle. The fumes and such would spread all of Nurgle's gifts. All I did was roll a bunch of little greenstuff balls, I then let these dry overnight. The next day I drilled holes with a pin vice in them and glued in a short piece of paper clip to act as the stem and cork. I glued these to the models so that I would have something less fiddly to work with on the next step. I took a small roll of green stuff and blended it in on the botom edge to make the lip of the flask. The paperclip sticks out from the top a bit to act as the cork. Very quick and easy to make, you just have to give it some drying time. I would make the greenstuff balls at the end of a sculpting session with any left over putty I had.

I am pretty proud of this guys skull trophies as well. I just ordered the sack of skulls from Secret Weapon Miniatures because I have decided I need a lot more. I have 2 Leman Russes and a Chimera I am in the process of damaging up and converting to chaos. They are all older models that I have had for probably about a decade. Glad I hang on to stuff. I also have a Forge World traitor command squad I can use for my HQ, although I may do something more in line with these guys. I plan on getting at least one more Leman Russ and then that may be it for awhile. Maybe they will expand once the next guard codex comes out.

Hope you guys like them, I will try and get some painted shots soonish,

Tyler M.

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  1. Love your nurgle stuff! Might have to take the plunge and start my own army :D