Monday, April 8, 2013

The Death's Heads

I finally bit the bullet a week or so ago and bought some of the conversion bits from Victoria Miniatures that I have been looking at forever. So begins my traitor guard contingent for my Nurgle forces.

I never could decide what I wanted to get from Victoria Miniatures. The Tanith inspired models were a strong contender but I was hesitant to start a brand new army that would consist of almost entirely infantry when each squad was $45. After the new bald rebreather heads came out I knew it was a good time to start my traitor guard. I picked up a pack of the Bald Gas Mask Heads, a pack of the Victorian Arms, 4 of the Fusion Gun Arms, and 2 packs of the Chem Tanks. I decided to forgo getting any of the legs available since I have a good amount of Cadian legs from previously abandoned projects. I have to say the amount of detail on these sculpts is amazing and I love how she is filling in all of the holes in the Imperial Guard range and they are all customizable! 

After a bit of cleaning up I decided I had to damage everything up a bit to make them more fitting in my Nurgle force. Luckily the metal was pretty soft and it was fairly easy to dent and chip it with a hobby knife and pin vice. After putting them all together they didn't look Chaosy enough to me so I added some spikes and skulls as well as replaced a few of their heads with the Blight Grenade heads from the Plaguebearer set. These guys are going to be a veteran squad in the Malignant Brotherhood and will get a transport at some point as well. I am toying wiht the name of the Deaths Heads for the veteran formations. I will use my regular cultists as the rank and file guardsmen once I am able to field this as an army instead of just allies.

This is one of the guys with the Blight Grenade/Deaths Head from the Plaguebearer set. I can't take credit for the idea since I saw someone else do it on a forum.

This is the unit champion and I am particularly proud of his pose. I still have to greenstuff on his shoulder pads but I like how beat up his gear looks. 

I still have 2 more to glue together and then there is a good amount of sculpting work to do. They all need to receive boils and cuts on their heads and hands to make them look appropriately diseased as well as chains to hold a few of the skull trophies on. I want to add more spikes and skulls to them and maybe tear up their clothing a bit. The bases need to be redone as well.

There is still a good amount of work to do on the unit but I am really happy with the direction they are heading. I will definitely be getting more parts from Victoria Miniatures, in fact they just put up a very nicely done all resin Penal Legion squad. I think my traitors may need a meat shield of Imperial convicts to herd infront of them at some point in the future...

Until next time,

Tyler M.


  1. Lovely, characterful conversions! It's great to see Vic's products used in such a great way. I'm looking forward to the next update on this squad :)