Friday, September 30, 2011

Ogre Firebelly

Here he is, the big guy himself, the Ogre Firebelly I have been painting for my GW application. Not much to say about him, I hate taking pictures of models. I need to get some better photo equipment.

I really enjoyed this model and man is he tempting me to do an Ogre army. No! I just started my Tomb Kings, still have work to do on my Death Guard, Sons of Dorn and Astral Claws; why must you tempt me Games Workshop. I neither have the time nor money to devote to Ogres...but Storm of Magic lets me take Ogre allies... :)

Now the nervous waiting while I wait to hear back from GW.

Comments and Crit welcome and be sure to vote for him on CMoN here.

1 comment:

  1. You missed a band of cloth on his back left leg in the last pic it's at the top of his thigh. Thought I might point it out if your gunna send it to GW.

    Looks awesome!