Friday, September 16, 2011

Herald to the Kings

Now that I have your attention let me introduce you to my latest model. This guy is my Tomb Herald that I showed off unpainted in my last Tomb Kings post.

I'm pretty happy with him. The glow I added to the banner at the last minute, I feel it emphasizes the fact that its a magical banner, and in a happy coincidence I really like that it has a glowing eye on it while the Herald himself is blind. I also added this since I felt like he blended in to much with the Tomb Guard when ranked up with them. I haven't come up with a name for him yet but I know his title will be either "the Blind" or "The Headsman" due to the huge axe. Or perhaps "The Blind Headsman/Executioner" who knows, maybe you guys can help me decide.

The mini itself is made from parts from the Warsphinx, Tomb Guard and Necropolis Knights with absolutely no sculpting work. The pieces go together that well.

I always make sure to vote on CMoN here and wish me luck as I try to get him on GW's Whats New Today page.

Comments and Crit welcome.

~Tyler M.

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