Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Tale of Four Necrons - Part 2

So I have finished my Necron project for the time being. If you remember from the first post I was given the task of coming up with 4 unique paint schemes for a Necron army using warriors as the model.

He wanted them all to be different from what you typically see for Necrons. One thing we decided early on is he wanted the guns to be painted and glowing, instead of the classic clear green rod, so this is the one thing that stays consistent throughout the four models. Here are the last two:

I also tried a different basing idea for each. The first was a desert, the second the typical black/gray dead world, the third a martian base and the last a snowy base.

One thing I have taken away from this project more then anything else; Necrons are really hard to photograph properly. They are all hunched over and spindly, so half the model is always in shadow and the metals just reflect the light and blow out the highlights and shading. Well I tried my best taking pictures of these two, I think they are trying to tell me to buy some proper photo equipment like a light box, we'll see.

Be sure to vote for them here and here on CMoN.


Tyler Mengel

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