Wednesday, May 18, 2022

GALLERY: Groic Muzy's Nighthaunt

Today I have another special guest article from returning super talented hobbyist Groic (Loic) Muzy, this time showing off his spooktacular Nighthaunt! The maestro is at it again, applying his unique style to Olynder's favorite ghostly shock troops and telling us a bit about what went into making such a striking collection.

Tyler: First off, thank you for taking the time to share your amazing models with us. What drew you to the Nighthaunt as a project?

Groic: Since the beginning I like the what this faction had to offer, I was seduced by the melancholic aspect of its design.

I started the faction with the first miniature unveiled for Malign Portents campaign, Keldrek: Knight of Shrouds, which I completed with a start collecting box. When the souls war box came out I immediately jumped on it.

Tyler: For the most part, you seem to have stuck with the regular sculpts of the models with only a few minor conversions here and there, as opposed to your Nurgle army, which is more heavy on conversions. How do you decide how far you plan to go with an army project?

Groic: I'm generally seduced by Games Workshop's artistic proposals concerning the death factions (except the Ossiarch Bonereapers). The Nighthaunt are for me very good as they are, it's just that I don't like duplicates! That is to say, I don't like to have 2 times the same miniature in the same pose (imagine my reaction in front of games like Zombicide), so this is the only modification work I do in the army, I modify duplicate miniatures.

Tyler: Speaking of conversions, the ones you do have are great. I really love the use of the Chainghast body with the Grimghast parts for a truly unique pose and model. Can you talk a bit about how you approach more subtle conversions like this?

Groic: This conversation exists because in the basic box of Soul Wars there are only 4 Grimghast, and I received 4 others (the same ones) with mortal realms, so I completed the unit with what I had that is to say the 2 Chainghast whose kits I had in duplicate! For the scythe of some I had to carve them. Everything, in the end is a question of opportunity and made according to what I have in duplicates!

Tyler: I noticed that your Grimghasts have a rather unique solution to the gaps that run up the back of the model. It looks like you turned those into literal seams with stitching going up them, which is brilliant! What made you decide to do that?

Groic: Yes, it's a subtle way to hide that I actually plugged the gaps badly. I often do this with fabrics where there is this type of problem, I make it look like the seam is ripping

Tyler: Can you tell us a bit about how you painted the Nighthaunt? It's a ghostly scheme, but very vibrant.

Groic: Overall it's a watercolor work, sometimes bordering on the abstract. I do everything with a brush, I don't have an airbrush. Even if my scheme has evolved (yes, I assure you) what has not changed is the base, undercoat in white (Corax White) and I apply a layer of contrast space wolves gray diluted 50/50 with contrast medium. For the rest, I use paints from Scale Colors. I make a gradient from Deep Blue through Bering Blue to white. I add the glaze of Caribbean Blue. Once this is done I add green on the low end, I do the same with the flames, and other small spectra that float around. I always use the paint from Scale Colors: Irati green, Spring green, Autumn green and a very light yellow from Prince August.

Tyler: Have you played many games with them?

Groic: Not really, this army tends to live in the display cabinet. But there is the new battletome coming out soon.

Tyler: Which of the new models for the army are you looking forward to painting the most?

Groic: Actually I still have some stock to paint before I get the new releases, I'm not a fan of everything. But I really like the new character Awlrach the Drowner, even if I'm thinking of putting a hood on him.

Tyler: What's your favorite model or unit that you've painted for them?

Groic: I like many things in this army, I started Lady Olynder 3 years ago and it is not finished, but the piece that makes me dream is the Black Coach.

Tyler: Any future plans for the army?

Groic: I want to paint my collection first, in my group of players and painters, there is another Nighthaunt collector, Martin Grandbarbe, whose army I invite you to see. We motivate each other to finish painting our respective stock. But I think the new battletome will change our goals. I would also like to make some scenery around this army, I have three cemeteries half mounted and painted.

Tyler: Any final thoughts?

Groic: I would see bats to accompany my little ghosts! even skulls with bat wings...uuummmmhhh, I must have something to do that!

Thank you again to Groic (Loic) Muzy for taking the time to share his amazing models with us! Be sure to follow him on Instagram and on Facebook to check out more of his work. You can also check out his amazing Maggotkin of Nurgle army that he shared with us back in December here. I look forward to seeing more of these ghostly models from him in the future.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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