Friday, February 10, 2017

Mini of the Year Winner

It was a super close contest this year, with several models being neck and neck in number of votes as late as yesterday. The dust has cleared though and there can be only one Model of the Year for 2016. So who beat out the rest to claim the title?

Neferata by Anton Pryakhin

Winning by only two votes is this awesome rendition of the Mortarch of Blood, Neferata, by Anton Pryakhin. It's certainly well done with tons of character and personality. A big congratulations to Anton for becoming the 2016 Mini of the Year on Mengel Miniatures.

You can read the original post for it from November here.

In a close second was the unit of Jezzails by Morback. You can read the original post for them here.

Jezzails by Morback

Followed by a tie for third place between the Tzeentch Warrior by elfhead and the Ultramarines Captain by Mathew Kane. You can read the original post for the Tzeentch Warrior here and the Ultramarine Captain here.

Tzeentch Warrior by elfhead

Ultramarines Captain by Mathew Kane

A big congratulations to everyone and I look forward to curating another year's worth of Minis of the Week for 2017!

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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