Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Endless Deserts Website!

The Endless Deserts, a realm within Shyish for the Tomb Kings to fit in, have been a pet project of mine for awhile now. There has been everything from Time of War rules to Battleplans and more. Well now there is the Endless Deserts website!

As I have created more and more content for the setting I started wondering what the easiest way for people to find it would be. I didn't want people to have to dig through all of my posts on here to find a certain ruleset. The first thing I did was compile it all together onto a single page, but that didn't have the panache I was looking for, plus it was still a little cluttered.

Once I made my "Battletome" for Adepticon I had a good chunk of lore for the deserts planned out and wanted to have an easier way for people to read it besides in the PDF, so the Endless Deserts website was finally started. It's been in the works now for about two months and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

It's chocked full of content, with six different pages of lore detailing the deserts themselves, the Tomb King's history within them, the ruins of Settrapolis, and more. On the rules front there are three different rules supplements, visually updated warscrolls, the ability cards I made for the Tomb Kings, and unofficial warscrolls. The unofficial warscrolls are there to create fun new units and battalions like the Royal Court, while also bring back stuff from previous edition that didn't survive the transition into AoS. The first one of those units is the Khemric Titan, which was written be Henin and given to me, I just updated the look to fit in with the rest of them. I'm hoping to bring back a few myself, like the herald on a chariot, and would be more then happy to post up some created by other people as well. The Adepticon Battletome is also up there for people to download and peruse.

At the moment I have two galleries up, my own force known as King Pharakh's Deathrattle Legions, and Darth Alec's tomb kings, the Legions of Khahara. I plan on featuring even more beutifully painted Tomb King armies, including Steve Foote's Cult of Sobek. If you have a non Tomb King force set within the Endless Deserts as well then they are more then welcome in the galleries too.

I have gone through Mengel Miniatures and found every painting tutorial that's related to the Tomb Kings and compiled them all there as well. Hopefully this will help any budding Necrotects out there with their own forces. Next we have the map, which I am particularly happy with. This is just a small section of the sprawling Endless Deserts, but I hope to expand it more in the future. This is where our story starts at the dawn of the Age of Sigmar as Nihlus Tidalborne's Stormhost strikes at the desert's eastern boundaries, seeking to make an alliance with the ancient kings. The desert has physical boundaries, marked by the obelisks, but once inside the sands are constantly shifting and you could walk in a perfectly straight line and end up in the complete opposite direction. The deserts can be truly endless for those who do not know the secret paths to travel by. Realmgates are definitely the most secure way to traverse it. You may notice that some of the necropolises are already claimed with a name while the rest don't have one. If you want to stake a claim in the sands for your own Tomb Legion just let me know which necropolis you want and it can be yours. There is also Bétone, the last bastion of the Free People's in the deserts and you may have noticed the Orruk, Duardin, and Ogor markings. The Tomb Kings are not alone amongst the sands, and countless Chaos warbands roam the dunes between their cities.

The last two sections are the Forums and the Contact page. Ben Curry of Bad Dice fame was kind enough to create a subforum on The Grand Alliance Community specifically for the Endless Deserts which should be active and up later today. I hope this will be a great place for everyone to discuss anything Endless Deserts related and I'm looking forward to potentially seeing some cool AoS Tomb King forces in there. The contact page is just like it sounds with my email to contact me.

That's all of it, for now anyway. Like I said, I plan on expanding this in the future as I create more content. There won't be weekly updates or anything like on here, but it will be updated. I hope that this website can act as a hub for all of the Tomb King players out there as well as attract other players to fight their battles amongst the sands. Much like AoS in general, the story of the Endless Deserts will advance. This isn't a stagnant story dump here, but will be a part of the ever changing narrative. Will Nihlus succeed? Will Chaos have a resurgence? Could Settra return? Would Nagash allow him too? I hope to answer at least some of those questions as time goes on.

Well enough of me talking about the website, go take a look and poke around at everything there is to see.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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