Friday, May 27, 2016

Mini of the Week 5-27-16

Welcome back to Mini of the Week, where every Friday I will find a miniature from around the web that exemplifies an aspect of our hobby and share it with you.

Darkoath Chieftain by Max Faleij on Putty and Paint 

I'm sure most of you have already seen this mini already, but man is it awesome. So let's get a few things out of the way, yes this was painted by an 'Eavy Metal painter and won first place in the Open Category at the 2016 Golden Demons, so it's level of awesomeness is already well established by people much more qualified then myself. Even so, the quality of painting on this mini is just astounding. All of the color choices are spot on, and the blending and crispness of the painting is perfect. I particularly like all of the spot highlights across the model, those little specks of pure white. I also really appreciate they he used true metallic metals as opposed to the non-metallic metals technique. I personally prefer it and think it speaks more to your talent when you can use metallics and still make it look this amazing. 

Besides just the mini itself, the diorama he is a part of is deserving of an award on its own. It's so characterful, with almost every corner of it packed with some little details, like the rat, the treasure chest, or the chains. Those chains are crazy awesome and I really love the swamp junk hanging off of them, it really nails home the idea of being in a dungeon. If you click through to the site for more views, which I highly recommend you do, there is a shot of the chains from the side and I almost can't comprehend how he got them to stay where they are, just fantastic. There's even a skull inside the treasure chest. If this is anything like the Skaven diorama he built in the past, each of those stones was individually places as well. I just can't say how much I love this mini, utterly superb.

Be sure to check out more views of the model on Putty and Paint, and show the artist some love if you like it.

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Tyler M.

What do you think of this model? If you have any models or have seen any around the web that you feel deserve to be the Mini of the Week feel free to send them to me at with the title "Mini of the Week" and a brief description of how you painted it or a link to where you found it. There is also a dedicated board on the Mengel Miniatures Forum for Mini of the Week where you can discuss past entries or post of minis you think are deserving of the title.

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