Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chaos Lord for Golden Demon

Well I finished this guy awhile ago but have been keeping him secret in case anyone I am competing against sees it and decides to up the ante. I figure with only a few days left its safe to show it off.
This guy took me hours and hours and hours to build, convert and paint and is my "main" entry for the Golden Demon. Now when I say main I just mean that I planned him from the start and put the most time and energy into.

His design and color scheme changed a few times throughout the process and I plan on writing a more in depth article about his creation after Games Day. I will show one part of it though, my initial Photoshop sketch. This was made using all of GW's official pictures of the models just cut together and then re-colored.

As you can see he lost his banner at some point, I did build it and start painting it though but I'll go over that later.

Here are the finished pictures:

That spike with the pennant on it snapped off right at the top of the skull when I knocked the model over during painting. It is to small for me to pin and I have since broken it off at least 3 times. It's kind of annoying. Luckily because of the pennant and the snow on the top of the skull it is fairly easy to glue back on in the correct position without to much hassle. Now I am just trying to find a way to safely transport this guy on a plane without him breaking, but I think I know how.

I am never satisfied with how my camera takes pictures and sadly sometime I feel as though my iPhone takes better pictures with more true color, so here is a phone picture for good measure.

Yupp, that's closer to how he really looks.

Hopefully the guys at GW can take better pictures of it then I do....I hope they don't break the spike off while judging him.

Tyler M.


  1. The iPhone picture really captures the full range of highlights and shading more deeply, I love it. Good luck!

  2. Love it buddy! I especially enjoy how you painted the horns on the helmet; I would LOVE to know how you did these? I agree that the iPhone photo produces the best quality, very very nice. If I was to wear my critique cap I would have liked to of seen more detail on the fur of the cape. Perhaps if each clump of hair was individually painted the effect would be more appealing to the eye. At the moment the fur looks lacking attention in my opinion. An excellent model though and all the best at the Golden Daemon :O)