Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last Minute Golden Demon Entry

Hey everyone, I have a last minute Golden Demon entry for the duel category. When I saw the new Space Marine Master of Rites I knew I had to make him into an Astral Claw.

After a little planning I cam up with the idea of using some of the Space Marine casualties I have had for years now. With a little converting and base building I was ready to go.

The captain himself was just a simple head and arm swap, where as I had to dremel out the skull on the casualty as well as a few more things.

The WIP painting pics are not very interesting so here are the finished ones instead.

I started this past Monday, pretty quick for me. Hopefully it does well at the Demons.

Tyler M.


  1. Really good work mate - the only critiscm I have is the Astral Claw helmet under the Fire Hawks arm - I think it would have better suited for that to have been the Fire Hawks helmet after taking a beating and having a worn and scarred un helmed head on the casualty.

  2. Greta work !

    I can find the atmosphere of the badab war books !

    Can you explain the colors for the fire hawk ?

    I'm really in difficult to find and your marines is really extra.

    Thank you and great work