Thursday, March 22, 2012

And they rode to war...

Following up my rant/wall of text last post I have some new shiny models to show off. First off is the guy above, he is the first for my unit of Sepulchral Stalkers.

I went with more of a pure statue look for these guys (For those who don't know they are animated statues) so I stuck with gold and stone and kept my army colors to a minimum. I tried to get a marble effect on the stone but since most of the stone is textured it only really stands out on the head. I also gave this guy a glow in his eyes to represent a special rule they have (basically his gaze turns you into sand). I'm thinking of doing this to all my constructs in the army though just to make them look more magical.

Next up are my Chariots.

Pretty basic. I converted up the unit champion a bit to make him look more special. All of the Charioteers are supposed to be nobles so I figured their leader has got to be pretty special.

Now onto commissions and a special job for an upcoming project, which will have to remain secret for now.

Tyler M.


  1. YES!!!!
    Tomb Kings, my favorite WFB army.
    Awesome job.
    Love those Stalkers so much.

  2. That is the coolest chariot I have ever seen!