Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Burn the Heretic!

I finally finished updating the second Templar while waiting for glue to dry on more important projects.

You may remember the guy on the left from a few posts back. His buddy has been sitting on my painting desk for about a month now and since it was just a touch up job I figured it was time to get him out of the way.

Here are the pictures of what he looked like when I started on him, I painted him originally about 7-8 years ago.

Here he is a few hours later.

As with the other Templar I added brighter highlights to the cloak and leather, re-worked the metal and gold completely, and made the highlights on the black neater and more comprehensive. The other big changes with this guy is his helmet, which I decided to make black with a white templar cross on it and his lightning claws. These were planned out back when I painted the other guy. The first model's lantern is meant to echo and tie in with the lightning claws. Basically I just wanted to do some glow effects on each model.

As always be sure to vote for them on CMoN here, and check them out on eBay here.

Tyler M.

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