Friday, May 20, 2011

Start of something new...

...with something old. Welcome to my new blog for all things miniature and hobby related. I am currently in the middle of several projects, all of which are 40k related. So I thought I would make my first post sort of a greatest hits of some of my favorite mini's from the past few years. Enjoy.

To kick things off here's a selection of models from my Deathguard and Nurgle Demon armies. 

 My first model for my demon army.
 Plague Ogryn

 These zombies are from Mantic games. They are great sculpts, I recommend them.
 This guy was featured on Game Workshops web page a few weeks back. Took my time painting him.
 The Grand Daddy of my Nurgle army.
Yet another fantastic sculpt from Forge World.

Next up are my Sons of Dorn. These guys are my oldest army I still own and use. They are in the process of being updated so they no longer look like they were painted by my 16 year old self.

 This was one of the first new models I added to the army in several years.
 Updated scout.
 Gotta love the Space Hulk Terminators.
 I found a use for the old Captain Cortez model, replace his head and hes not half bad.
 One of my new Veteran Sargents
 Captain Agamon of the 4th Company (AKA my army)
 This guy was painted 7 years ago. He was in White Dwarf :)
And another converted scout. Have to make those old metal sculpts different somehow.

And last but not least my current passion. The Astral Claws.

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  1. Oh my.... I still have that White Dwarf with your D.I.Y. Chapter in it. Your stuff inspired me so much back then and you even continue to now with your Astral Claws.