Monday, May 23, 2011

Armanneus Valthex

Time for another update. No new painted models today, just some more progress on Armanneus Valthex.

For those who don't know who he is, Valthex is the Master of the Forge for the Astral Claws and the man who re-built Huron after the Badab War. I basically envision him as a sort of mad scientist, but not crazy, just detached. He doesn't care if his research into technology has negative outcomes. Knowledge is more important then other people lives.

In these pictures he is being held together by sticky tac. I still have some more putty work to do, mostly on his back pack and his wrist, also still need to find something to put on the top right mechandrite.

And some pictures of him in pieces so you can see the robe and hood I sculpted for him better, plus the support arm for the conversion beamer.

Like I said there is still more work to be done on him, but so far I am pretty happy with him. As far as a color scheme goes I am thinking all silver with black robes and maybe a red helmet and back pack? I am worried that the red will clash with the blue on his shoulder.

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