Thursday, September 16, 2021

Important Announcement for Mengel Miniatures

Today I have a rather unusual post with an important announcement about the near future of the Mengel Miniatures site.

I love this site. I've been posting consistently on it for over 6 years now. I've never missed a week. Well, lately it's become harder and harder to stay on top of it. Life is busy. Work of course, but even within the hobby I'm doing a lot. It's getting to the point where it's becoming hard for me to enjoy my hobby the way I want. I feel more and more like I'm doing hobby for this site, to create content instead of just doing what I want to and to have fun and relax.

Long story short, I have decided to step away from posting weekly on Mengel Miniatures through at least the end of 2021.

What does this mean exactly?


  • Posting a new article every week
  • Continuing the Mini of the Week series through the rest of 2021

However, don't worry! I'm not disappearing entirely. In fact, here are the things you can still expect from me during this time.

I WILL be:

  • Posting when I feel like it if I come up with a cool idea, have a tutorial I want to share, or am excited to give a proper, full length review of a new Battletome/Codex/Game. It just won't be consistently every week on a schedule. I'm just going to post when the inspiration strikes.
  • Posting regularly on my social media channels. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you can still expect about the same amount of pictures of models that I'm working on or other cool hobby stuff I want to share. So, if you're not already following me on Twitter or Instagram and want to stay up to date with what I'm working on then give me a follow! I'll probably also do quicker, more "informal" reviews of books and such on there. Share the bits of them that I think are really cool!
  • Keeping this site up and running. The site isn't going anywhere and I plan to continue hosting it indefinitely, so if there's an article on here that you like, don't worry, it's not going away.

This isn't me quitting. I just need a break and some time to enjoy the hobby on my own terms. Come 2022 I'm going to reassess and decide in what capacity I'll be coming back to this site. Hopefully the time away will sufficiently recharge my hobby batteries.

Having written all of this, I do have one more "regular" post coming, my review of the Orruk Warclans Battletome! I'll have this out sometime within the next week.

Thank you for sticking with me all these years, and hopefully you'll stick around during my time away. I'll still be hobbying regularly during this time, so like I said, come follow me on Twitter and Insta, the party will keep on going there!

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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