Thursday, September 3, 2020

Reigniting The Passion

Reigniting the Passion

Everyone has their favorite army, or maybe their favorite handful of armies, that they continually return to and add units to. For many years earlier in my hobby journey this was Space Marines for 40k. Now, as you may know if you frequent my site, that passion is for all the Death armies in AoS, but what happens when you get burnt out on it?


I have a lot of Death models for AoS. With over 3,000 points of painted Tomb Kings, over 4,000 points of painted Nighthaunt, as well as a smattering of Flesh-Eaters, Legions of Nagash, and Bonereapers I'm properly invested in Nagash's finest. Despite this, besides a couple of models for an Underworlds warband that was already half finished, the last Death model I had painted was in October of 2019 with Katakros. I had burnt myself out on the faction.


While I hadn't been painting only Death during that time, they had always been present. Nurgle and DoK stuff got painted too, but I'd always weave a Death unit in between other projects. I was also taking a Death army as my main tournament force for awhile, which usually meant I was painting stuff to a deadline to adjust my list at least twice a year. The Bonereapers just did me in since I was also painting them to a deadline, and I really wanted them to look good. I think it just became too much and I had to step away from them. I even still have a bunch of Bonereaper stuff in boxes that I haven't gotten too. 


After this I turned fully to Nurgle, which I had been working on a bit before the Bonereapers, but now I planned on taking them to an event in December, and then shortly after that I decided they were going to be my main force for the Adepticon that never happened as well. To be fair, Nurgle are also one of those armies that are a passion for me. I've had several Nurgle armies of varying types over the years, so it was nice to revisit those fecund wells once again. I also worked on several Underworlds warbands during this time, which I really enjoyed.

Necron Overlord

Then Indomitus came and I fell in love with the Necrons. I really like their more disheveled appearance. They almost felt more like a death force to me. Well, it appears I had decided to go all in on a Death IN SPAAAAACE army. They even scratched that Tomb Kings itch I had been missing for a few years. With all the Indomitus stuff finished I decided to give myself a breather from the metallic skeletons, and paint up some Nighthaunt stuff I've had primed for awhile. Well, looks like I'm back in. 


This nearly year long break from Death related stuff in AoS gave me time to explore other armies, other color schemes, and even other games like 40k and Underworlds. One unit of Chainrasps later though and I'm firmly back in the clutches of Nagash. What can I say, there is just something about the models, the aesthetic, the generally quick to paint color schemes, and the lore that really grabs me. I think for the foreseeable future I'll be alternating between some Death models and some Death IN SPAAAAACE models. I'm currently painting up a character for my Nighthaunt, and once he's done I have some Immortals to do for the Necrons. With plenty of Death models waiting to be painted, and three more Necron units to paint before the big release in October I'm set for awhile. I think part of it for me is that I was missing the Tomb Kings part of it all and was looking for ways to tackle a project for them and still have it be modern. The Necrons are covering that angle for me now and have allowed me to return to my AoS Death without feeling the need to Khermi-fy them. I can always dip my toes back into Nurgle's fetid waters too when I start feeling a need for change.

Necron Army

All it took was some time away for me to really realize how much I enjoy this faction. If you're starting to feel burnt out by a faction or army that you've generally always enjoyed in the past maybe you just need a bit of time. Paint something else, do some smaller scale projects, then try coming back to the original army. You may find that your original passion for them has returned. 

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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