Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tale of Four Warlords: Blood Sisters and Medusae

All good things must come to an end, and this is the final month of the Tale of Four Warlords. With the completion of my Blood Sisters and the Bloodwrack Medusa my 1,000 points of Daughters of Khaine are finished and ready for Adepticon.

I really like the Blood Sisters as a model and on the tabletop. They're painted pretty similarly to the Blood Stalkers, both being half snake and all, but with more armor and some crystal weapons. I did these in a ton of subassemblies for ease of painting and also so I could spray them in different colors. The tails were painted on their own, sprayed with Incubi Darkness. I knocked these out first since the scales on them are the most intimidating. It's better to get that type of stuff over with instead of leaving it till the end. The torsos had the arms glued on, but all the armor plates and the head were left off. I then sprayed the torsos and hair Corax White, while the head, chest plate, shoulder plate, and abdomen plate were all sprayed with Retributor Armor. It seems like a lot of effort, but it really cuts down on time. I just start gluing everything together as soon as I think I can to make sure I don't accidentally lose anything. So the torso, tail, and armor were all glued together before painting most of the gold since they didn't need to be separate for that. I had a lot of fun doing the blend back to scales on the leader's arm holding the heart. I did most of this through glazes of Coelia Greenshade.

I've actually had this Bloodwrack Medusa done since before I even started the Tale of Four Warlords. I had finished her as part of my skirmish force that inspired me to do this army, but wanted to keep her a secret until the end. After painting all of the super tiny scales on her I really appreciate the more defined detail on the snake tails of the Blood Sisters and Stalkers. I was never really a fan of the Medusa's head though, so I decided to give her a helmet from the Sisters kit. I cut the snake hair off of the Medusa and glued it to the back of the helmet. I ended up having to do a little bit of greenstuff work to hide the join and complete the part of the helmet that the hair normally goes in, but nothing extensive. When I use this army in Matched Play games I will use her as the general since she's a bit more durable than the Hag Queen.

Although the snake models are a bit more labor intensive to paint, I really like the look of them and will probably expand the army out by including more of them. They take longer, but I get into an almost zen state working on them, and then once they're finished it's a real sense of completion.

I took this army with me on a trip to England recently (another benefit of 1,000 points, it fits into a carry on bag pretty easily) and managed to get a few games in with them at Warhammer World. These were actually my first games with the army, and I definitely learned a few things about how to play them. My first game was against Steve Wren's Maggotkin which was mostly Blightlords, the big ones riding the flies. It was a tough fought game, with his mortal wound output really putting the hurt on my army early on. I managed to eke out a win though through the battleplan objectives. We played Three Places of Power. To be fair, I got lucky when my Heartrenders came down, took off his Chaos Sorcerer Lord in one round of shooting, then charged his Lord of Afflictions, tying him up long enough for the Quicksilver Swords to finish him off. With both of his heroes dead there was no way for him to catch up to me.

My second game was against Ben Johnson and his Flesh-eater Courts with Border War. I didn't have a good answer for his Ghoul King on Terrorghiest and it pretty much ran rampant through my right flank. Once the Avatar of Khaine woke up though he at least managed to kill a bunch of stuff on the left flank. I tried to play for the objectives again, but there was no escaping his Terrorghiest. I think I played the army too aggressively, funnily enough for Khainites. I don't think I need to hold them back exactly, but I definitely need to bubblewrap my Hag Queen more. The snakes did a lot of the heavy lifting in the list, with the Witches and Sisters mostly just dying. I'm not very good at rolling 6+ saves unfortunately.

Now it's only a few weeks until Adepticon and the final showdown with Eric, Mitzy, and Jimbo! Hopefully I'll be able to whip together a display board for my Daughters of Khaine as well. I'm definitely looking forward to our final game and finding out who ends up claiming the Eighth Wonder of Ghur! I should have some nice army shots of the whole force sometime soon too.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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