Wednesday, June 28, 2017

SHOWCASE: An "Orkgor" Tells No Jokes

There are armies with a few conversions and a slight theme running throughout, then there are armies like Oscar's Orkgors. The idea behind it is great, but most importantly, the execution of it is on point. To me, these look like they could be official Games Workshop models, they work so well. Take a look at the ever growing orkgor horde and try and tell me you don't feel the hand of Gork (or possible Mork) involved.

When I first saw these models on TGA, where you can follow Oscar as Lysandestolpe, I was blown away. Everything from the conversions, to the more washed out skin color just looked awesome to me. Without further ado, here is Oscar to talk about his army and show off some pictures, as well as some new pictures not seen anywhere else yet.

Oscar: It wasn't until I had already started with a Greenskinz army that I realized two things: one, Orcs are awesome, and two, Orcs smacks in combat like there are infinite tomorrows.  As Age of Sigmar isn't a game which in its mechanism strives for lackluster dynamic between two foes, but rather emphasizing a bloody outcome with few bodies left on the table, I needed something much much heavier.

Somewhere between muscle and comical is where I found to make a combination Orruk and Ogor, a so called Orkgor. A hybrid so foul they were even turned away by the shaman who'd experimented them coming into existence.

The name derived from my love for orcs, and craving for more gore. Thus, it just so happened to become the name for more than one reason. As promised by their freshly assumed name, they brought forth the red river.

After I'd spent hours upon hours of painting the Orkgors, I felt the need to advance with something a little more challenging. I also missed the good old Greenskinz and their very cartoonish character. I also had those completely unexpected "sitting down" legs from the Boyz box, which were waiting to be used. I spent those on my Stonehorn Beastrider.


The story behind the Stonehorn begins with a band of Orruks ambushing a Beastclaw Raider. The Ogor's head is mounted on a hook, a trophy of the two surviving Orruks currently mounted atop the beast.

Of course, the Orruks also needed to make sure both could fit the saddle, using found material and modified what they could in true a repugnant geniality.

    Most of the Orkgors are lightly kitbashed with little to no greenstuff work. The Giants became the fulfillment of that part. I did have the plan to convert at least two giants when I started the Orkgor army.

Giants are to much fun not to use, but having a regular giant when the rest of the army are themed wasn't good enough for me. I began sculpting the head.


   The head on Giant A was the first greenstuff sculpting I'd done in about 10 years. It was also the first time I'd ever used color-shapers. The result was better than I'd ever hoped. It took me a few tries to to get it exactly the way I wanted it, but it was well worth it.

This Giant most definitely spurred me to invest in another giant to build him a brother. Mork met Gork, or the other way around... who's keeping up with it anyways. Now, mind you that this is a work in progress and has been for a while.

There are armies that constantly come in between me and this one, and even though they are based and ready to go, there are tons of detail-work left to do to make sure they keep the standard I'd like for a tournament.

As much as I loved the Giant models as they are in the box set, I hated the current Tyrant model. The terrible pose was enough for me to definitely not invest in one. But I hated that the Tyrant model I was playing with, converted from a regular bull model, he was the same size as a my regular Orkgors... how imposing was that? 

I dug out some bits left over from the Stonehorn box, some bits from the ogres and I greenstuffed most of the body using a bull as a reference. I just made the new Tyrant bigger.

It wasn't the height that interested me but the width and bulk of the model. I felt that such a model would be imposing and goofy at the same time, one that would need a warclub both to swing with and to support himself with. I also have to admit, some research on wrestlers and their intense steroid pumped body building did occur.

Lastly, I want to show you some more WIP work that still needs some final touches. I have not shared much of these models, if any, on social media or So this will be an exclusive view for you all.

My Thundertusk beastriders and my Mournfang cavalry:

Tyler: I want to thank Oscar again for taking the time to share his amazing orkgor conversions with us here on Mengel Miniatures. Not only is the idea great, but the conversions and sculpting are top notch, the painting is fantastic, and the execution of the idea is flawless. It's hobby projects like this that really inspire me and I would love to see this army down on the tabletop.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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