Monday, March 7, 2016

GALLERY: Necrotect

The latest addition to my growing Tomb Kings army is the humble Necrotect. Originally he wasn't a model I had ever planned on buying, but in the end I really enjoy how he turned out.

There was just something about the sculpt for this model that always turned me away from it. I wasn't a fan of his hat or face at first, something just seemed off about them. When Age of Sigmar was about to come out, and the fate of every Warhammer army was unknown I quickly started snatching up all of the characters I didn't have yet. This guy was low on my list, but I found him at a local hobby store for a discount and got him right there on the spot. My original plan was to convert one myself and really test out my sculpting skills. With the fate of the Tomb King range being what it is now, I'm happy I bought the official model this past summer.

He has been sitting glued together with no primer on him for months. With Adepticon approaching it was the perfect motivation to finally get him finished. I knew I wanted him in my army list since his ability to give the Screaming Skull Catapult two shots a turn instead of one is too good to pass up. I painted his skin first and used the same technique I have used for all of my mummies which you can find in this tutorial. Funny story, I have to go back and re-read my own tutorial every time I paint mummy skin because I can never remember the exact combination of paints. Next I moved onto the white, mostly because I knew it would be quick and simple. I go for a slightly off white for the main color so I can highlight it with actual white.

That was followed by the turquoise since it took up a lot of space and I wanted to get it done before the gold. I debated about which of these two colors to paint first for awhile, but settled on the turquoise since it would be easy enough to paint the gold around it. My main concern was that if I painted the gold first, I might accidentally get some turquoise on it later, mostly around his collar. The gold was base coated with Retributor Armor and then got a solid layer of Gehenna's Gold. I really wish Retributor had been out when I started this army since it's so much easier to work with. I have to be consistent though with my old models, so Gehenna's it is. This was shaded with Agrax and highlighted by mixing in Runefang Steel and finished off with a verdigris effect of a Caliban Green/Sotek Green mix. Again, the Oxide paint didn't exist when I started these guys. Dang consistency. 

The bandages, jewels, and black marble were painted in the same manner as all of my other Tomb Kings. You can find a tutorial for the black marble here. The whip was a bit of a challenge since I didn't know exactly how to paint it and make the highlights interesting. I ended up using several darker grays and highlighted the raised parts of the whip entirely, and then blended that back into black with Nuln Oil. The main highlight though was a crisp line highlight on both sides of the whip with Dawnstone. I made this progressively brighter and smaller, concentrating more and more on just the raised "hill" of the whip and finished it off with a pure white spot highlight. I'm pretty happy with it. The eyes were the last thing that were done which you can find a tutorial for here.

I really like how the Necrotect came out and am super happy that I committed to buying him. It makes me a little sad that I'm getting closer and closer to being done with all of the Tomb King character models. All I have left to do is the Finecast Tomb King on foot with great weapon, the plastic one from the sphinx (which I plan on heavily converting), one more Finecast Liche Priest (will also be heavily converted), and Prince Apophas. I guess those will take me awhile interspersed between other projects. I'm looking forward to using him painted in a game now!

Be sure to watch the video below for a 360 degree video of the model. The music is once again provided by Adam Harvey, you can follow him on his Facebook page and listen to some more of his music on his Youtube channel.

Be sure to vote for him on Cool Mini or Not here.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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