Monday, August 17, 2015

Age of Sigmar Painting Competition Winners!

It's been a great competition and I have loved all of the entires, but now it's finally time to announce all of the winners! So without further ado.

Before we get started I would just like to thank Secret Weapon Miniatures and Full Borer Miniatures for providing all of the prizes for our winners. Let's kick things off with the third place winner.

3rd Place

By Grifon

Grifon's Liberator took third place due to his great use of highlights and shading. Although it's the standard GW color scheme he has done a great job at making it shine. He has won his choice of any one base pack from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

2nd Place

by Whargarble
Wow, I can just imagine this guy shouting "This is Azyr!" as he kicks some poor Bloodreaver into a bottomless pit. The conversion work on this is really great and very characterful. I have seen plenty of Stormcast conversions online that have used Space Marine parts to try and turn them into a marine. I really like how he used a Marine's helmet but still maintained a semi-fantasy feel. Not only in the conversion work great, but the painting matches. The bronze color really reinforces the spartan feel of the whole thing. All around a great mini. Whargarble has won any two base packs from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

1st Place

by Heavensteeth

I really love how subtle the conversion is on this entry. Like I have said before, in my opinion the best conversions are the ones where you're not even sure if it's converted. This guy definitely hits that mark. All of the sculpting is top notch and definitely matches what the GW studio has done. The use of the Blood Angel head fits the feels of the Eternals, especially since it has no bionics showing. The Non-Metallic Metals are not too over the top and complement the model instead of over shadowing it. I really like how at ease the mini looks. Sometimes it's nice to see our warriors in a moment of peace. Heavensteeth has won a $50 voucher to Secret Weapon Miniatures as well as a Dryad model from Full Borer Miniatures.

People's Choice

by Grifon

Not only did Grifon win third place, but he also secured the People's Choice award with a total of 16 votes! Not only is he taking home the prize for the third place winner, but also a $12.99 voucher to Secret Weapon Miniatures and a Dryad from Full Borer Miniatures.

All of the winners can contact me at to claim their prizes.

Congratulations to all of our winners and everyone who entered! I look forward to seeing even more Age of Sigmar models in the Forums and be sure to keep an eye out for future painting competitions. You can see all of the entries on the Forums as well as the Mengel Miniatures Facebook and Twitter. I would like to thank our sponsors, Secret Weapon Miniatures and Full Borer Miniatures, for providing fantastic prize support for the competition one last time.  

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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