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Glottkin: Tally of Destruction

Another End Times book, another round of earth shaking deaths and revelations. Although Glottkin can't compete with the body count from Nagash, it still has some pretty important, shocking, and just awesome deaths in it. Let's get started.


When you think of the Empire there are a few cities that immediately spring to mind; Altdorf, Nuln, Middenheim, and I'm betting Marienburg. The most infamous port city in the whole of the Old World. It is famously the only city in the Empire to secede and be granted its autonomy due to how wealthy it is. It is also the first to fall. The part of the plague fleet led by the Glottkin personally made Marienburg its target. As they approached the port wall, the brothers launched their plague jar, gifted from Archaon, over the battlements unleashing a torrent of grave moss over everything. It choked the water ways and crumbled the walls allowing the chaos fleet to sail in unmolested. The Empire forces put up as much of a fight as they could but ultimately fell foul of the Nurgle forces.

The living weren't the only ones who claimed the city as their own though and Mundvard, the vampire lord of Marienburg, took the fight to the Glottkin as well. Although the undead gave them a much harder time since they were unaffected by the toxins in the air, after Mundvard himself was defeated the army quickly began to crumble. With the city almost in their grasp, the Glottkin had one more obstacle to overcome as they faced a counter attack from relief forces of the Empire. Now with the Glottkin acting as the defenders of the port city, the men of the Empire stood little chance and in the end the city was firmly in the grasp of Chaos. Leaving the city a rot infested ruin, the brothers Glott continued towards the jewel of the Empire, Altdorf.


Yet another well known city of the Empire, Talabheim, was next to fall to the forces of Nurgle. The Maggoth Lords of Ice Peak assaulted the city walls with only a small contingent of warriors from the Brass Keep, confident in their abilities. This time however, the defenders were ready, and although the forces of Chaos inflicted a hefty toll they were pushed back beyond the walls. Returning to the forests in defeat, they encountered Epidemius and a horde of demons, sent by Nurgle to help his chosen. Knowing now that they wouldn't be able to defeat the forces of the Empire within the city they unleashed their own plague jar, bringing down a torrent of pus, bile, and anything else nasty you can think of. Forced with the choice of staying behind their walls and drowning in pus or confronting the forces of the Maggoth Lords out on the open plain in front of the city, they chose the latter.

Now with the playing field leveled the men of the Empire stood little chance against the newly bolstered horde. Although they put up a spirited fight, in the end the city was lost, with a good chunk of their fighting force fleeing for the safety of Altdorf.


Little is mentioned about this fight, but the city of Carroburg, famous for their great sword regiments, lies directly in the path of the Glottkin. With the Empire needing to bolster their defenses at the capital, Carroburg is left to its own defense and ultimately falls.

Couldn't find a picture of him, but found this sweet
conversion by Leander on Herdstone instead.

Taurox the Brass Bull

Since I don't play Beastmen I didn't realize this guy was an actual special character at first. A towering effigy of Khorne, Taurox is a Doombull made entirely out of living brass. He joins the Maggoth Lords at Talabheim and then follows them to Altdorf, leaving a wake of ruin in his path. Fighting before the gates of the Empire's capital he slaughters entire regiments before being brought down by a single arrow from Markus Wulfhart that found a weak spot in his neck.

Ku'gath Plaguefather

Ku'gath is a greater demon of Nurgle, and one of his favorites at that. He took a particular interest in Festus' work in Altdorf and helped in trying to bring the Garden of Nurgle there. Once the realm between worlds was worn thin he co-lead the assault on the Temple of Shaylla with the Leechlord. When the former King of Bretonnia, Louen Leoncour led the counter-charge with his Pegasus knights, Ku'gath took him on in a challenge. It's safe to say that the Great Unclean One bit off more then he could chew as Leoncour, despite getting thrown through several buildings, beat him into the ground. It was definitely the best fight of the book. Not only was he beaten by sword and Hippogrif, but the king's blood actually burned the demon since it was so holy. In the end Ku'gath died with the king's sword in his heart as he slowly disintegrated into the pavement. Knowing he's a demon, it's safe to say this death is far from permanent.  

Louen Leoncour

Oh, did I mention that he apparently didn't die in the last book? So it appears that Leoncour survived his battle with Mallobaude in Nagash. He was just assumed dead, but actually stumbled his way back to Courrone. Since he no longer had his throne due to the return of Gilles Le Breton, he decided to lead an Errantry War to the aid of Altdorf. The Brettonians charged into the chaos horde outside the city, very similar to the charge of the Rohan. Leoncour led his spearhead of Pegasus Knights into the city itself to fight the heart of the contagion. Here he fought Ku'gath, soundly beating him. He wasn't able to revel in his victory for long though as Festus came to avenge his partner in crime. Palming a vial of acid into his face, Festus then went to work on the horribly disfigured king with a bone saw, hacking through his neck. After the Leechlord lifted his severed head into the air to dishearten the defenders, it's safe to say the Leoncour is dead for real now.


The Leechlord was instrumental in the forces of Chaos' plan for Altdorf. Tasked with bringing the Garden of Nurgle into the mortal realm, he toiled underneath the city's streets for months in his laboratory. Having finally succeeded he was gifted with demonhood, becoming Festus Empowered. At the battle of the Temple he had to face off against Vlad Von Carstein after taking down the former king of Brettonia. At first it appeared that Vlad was no match for the newly empowered Leechlord, and he was infact killed, turned into dust within his own armor. However, Vlad being undead and all and having his special resurrection ring, didn't stay dead for long.  After rising from the dead he grabbed a stake of wood, unsheathed his sword and charged Festus. The good doctor fell for his ploy and blocked the sword strike ignoring the wooden stake. Being empowered by the bountiful, life giving powers of Nurgle, when the wood pierced his flesh it immediately renewed it's growth, turning it into a verdant oak tree. The newly grown tree split Festus apart as it expanded, however since he had just gained demonhood I wouldn't be surprised if we see him again.

Kurt Helborg

The captain of the Reiksguard was forced into the role of de facto ruler of the Empire with Karl Franz missing. Ill suited for the subtle politics of government, he ruled with a strict, yet fair hand. He was the one who had to make the decision to accept the aid of Vlad in exchange for gifting him the title of Elector Count of Sylvania, a choice the weighed heavily on his shoulders. When the Emperor returned at the height of the battle, Helborg rode in defense of his liege lord. As the Glottkin attacked the trio of Kurt, Karl, and Vlad they were all put on the back foot. After Vlad fled the battle Otto redirected his attention at the Emperor. Throwing himself between the pair to save Franz from a deathblow, Kurt caught the sword in his hand, losing several fingers in the process. Getting ready to renew his assault, Kurt instead took a rusty sword to the eye. The Reiksmarshall died doing what he was best at, saving the Emperor from death...

Karl Franz

Kind of. Shortly after the death of his champion, Karl Franz lost his arm to Otto Glott. He continued fighting for awhile, but it wasn't long before a strike went past his guard. Cleaved from the shoulder down through his torso, the Emperor Karl Franz finally met his death. Only moments later though, a twin tailed comet plummeted through the heavens striking the ground where the Emperor fell. With the power of Sigmar flowing through him, Karl Franz rose from the dead and swiftly turned the tables on the Glottkin. Unable to compete with the power of a god incarnate, the trio fled the field of battle in the form of a swarm of flies. Now seemingly the living embodiment of his god, Karl Franz once again sits on his throne in Altdorf, awaiting the moment when Archaon strikes, and it doesn't seem like he has long to wait...

Being much more Empire centric this time around, the body count was more contained. Despite this, every one of them is pretty profound within the Warhammer world. Who wants to start taking bets on who's next?

Until next time,

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