Friday, September 6, 2013

Its Been too Long: Golden Demon 2013 Results and Other News

First let me apologize for going a whole month with no post, its inexcusable. Let me make it up to you with pictures from Games Day and what I have been up to since then.
If you follow me on Facebook then you already know all of this, so bear with me. I entered 8, yes 8, entries into the Golden Demons this year.

My Chaos Lord into Warhammer Fantasy Single.

My Ogre Firebelly into Warhammer Large Monster.

Typhus into 40k Single.

My Plaguebearers into 40K squad.

My Death Guard Dreadnought into 40K vehicle.

His base is completely different now. I guess I don't have any current pictures of him.

My Demon Prince into 40K Large Model.

My Tomb King Herald into Open.

And this Badab War themed duel into Duel.

That's a lot of stuff to take on a plane, which I didn't even think about until the night before. I had a fun time packing and still trying to fit in clothes to wear.

After many tense hours the results were in. Everything made first cut, which is done right away now. The Chaos Lord, Duel, Plagebearers and Dreadnought all made Final Cut and finally the Plaguebearers took home a silver in Squad! Now I have two matching trophies. I am still determined to get some golds next year but I am happy to have won again nonetheless. 

So far all they have posted online are pictures of the winners, not the models. This is mine above. They promised complete coverage in White Dwarf with pictures of every winning model as well as some of the honorable mentions. Which reminds me!

3 honorable mentions! (my 3 other finalists). That is more honorable mentions then anyone else. Do they hand out awards for best runner up? I guess this just means I am that much closer. Hopefully next year I won't have any honorable mentions and you will just be seeing a lot more pictures of my ugly mug holding some trophies.

Now to start planning for next year, I think I hear the call of the ancients from a dry and dusty land as well as some ethereal whispering from the 41st millennium. 2 entries planned out already, hopefully I won't enter as many this time. That's a lot to carry around.

Expect to see some more frequent updates for awhile as I post up stuff that I have painted over the past month. I will try and get individual shots of each member of my winning squad as well.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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