Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Malignant Brotherhood

Today I finished my first group of Chaos Cultists for my Nurgle army, the Malignant Brotherhood.
They are not from the starter set but the $10 box GW came out with. I added them to an online order so I could get free shipping on the Crusade of Fire book. Having 5 cultists was a perfect way for me to try out my color scheme and see if I wanted to paint more. The color scheme was made a long time ago actually for the crew of my Baneblade. I originally intended to make a traitor guard army using this scheme. I think I may still use these guys as the basis for an eventual guard army.

I did a few small conversions on them to Nurglify them a bit more. Mostly just boils but also a tentacle arm and some tumors on one of their arms.

I am pretty happy with these guys. They are definitely just gaming standard but I wouldn't want to do anything more detailed when there will most likely be 20ish more of these guys to paint at some point.

Let me know what you think,

Tyler M.


  1. These guys are awesome! Do you mind sharing your recipes? So many elements here that I'd love to learn to paint.

  2. Those chaps look creepily good. As above, I'd love to know how you painted the chaps, if possible.