Thursday, January 31, 2013

Building a Better Typhus: Part 5 PIP

Hey everyone, today's post starts the first of the PIP (painting in progress) posts on my Bulding a Better Typhus series. So far all I have done is the shading on the armor, no highlights.

Looking at the pictures I can already see a few spots I need to go back and smooth out the transitions a bit. I am trying to paint him to a Golden Demon standard so I can enter him if I like how he turns out, but at the same time I need him to match my army. At the end his armor will have plenty of weathering so it will be interesting to see how that fits with the blending I have going on.

Like I said he is still at a fairly early stage, but I like the direction it is going. What do you think? Will the weathering and rust damage interfere to much with the blending?

I have also posted a new model up on CMoN. It is actually the Demon Prince for my army that I painted up a few years ago and updated with weathering, crisper highlights and a better base about a month or two ago. I never got around to taking pictures of it until now.

It was my first time painting one of the new Nurglings too, I like those sculpts a lot.

Be sure to vote for him here.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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