Thursday, January 3, 2013

Building a Better Typhus: Part 4 (Build Complete)

I have finally finished the construction on my new version of Typhus! I tried to keep the important details from the artwork but still making sure he ties into the rest of my Death Guard Terminators from Forge World.

Everything is glued into place and pinned. I have pinned his feet to the base but I won't glue him on until later.

I am pretty happy with how he turned out. I am most proud of his shoulder/mouth thing. When I look at the artwork that is one of the details that stands out the most to me and I always thought it was lacking on the actual model. Hopefully this will help tie him into the more mutated version of Chaos that GW is going for now too.

The teeth are from 3 different Plaguebearer heads. Let me tell you, it is extremely frustrating to try and cut teeth out and not drop them in the carpet (which I did several times). I tried making the impurity seals that are supposed to be hanging from the mouth but ditched the idea for several reasons. 

First it seemed like they were going to be extremely delicate and would probably break off the first time I take this guy anywhere. Secondly they didn't work as well with the more static pose I went for. In the artwork he is moving and the paper helps reinforce that movement. On my guy it just looked odd.

The base is built up with milliput for the most part. The little divots will become mini craters once coated with sand and painted. The theme I am going for with my Death Guard is the battle for Amistel Majoris, a planet in the Agripinaa sector during the 13th Black Crusade. Typhus and the Death Guard fought the Howling Griffons and Drookian Fen Guard in brutal trench warfare. As well as the battle for the Ulthor system within that sector that Typhus claimed as his own and made into demon worlds. Hence all of the barbed wire and craters. The Space Marine parts will be painted as Howling Griffons, although liberally covered in grime so as not to distract the eye.

The area in the middle where I have made a lip will have murky water in it flowing down through the barbed wire.

Hope you like him, the next time you see him he will start to have some paint.

Tyler M.


  1. Lovely conversion work and sculpting. Loving the base and the addition of the fluff too! And I'm most definitely looking forward to seeing him with some paint on :)



  2. Hi Mengel !

    A little message you tell you that you're blog is marvelous, with plenty of projects and ideas...

    And I'm a great fan of your Typhus, I'm following his evolution since the beginning, and he's pretty cool ! I relly want to see him painted !

    Thank you to share your passion with us on this blog.
    And happy new year ;)
    Alskayer, from the Manufactorum.

  3. Great conversion. The subtle changes make all the difference. Espcially the shoulder pad. Great work.

  4. Well done on getting this guy finished, He looks awesome! Cant wait to see him painted!